Deaf Parent Raising Children with Autism

As part of our Neurodiversity video series, Bobba shares from her heart about raising two children with autism.

Hello! I have two children with autism – one girl who is 29 and one boy who is almost 28, both of whom are complete opposites. My daughter is easily overstimulated and has seizures, while my son is very under stimulated. It was a challenge when they were growing up, because they experienced some developmental delays and had such different skills. Back then, the schools did not offer much helpful support for students with autism and we were winging it. What helped was having wonderful support from family, friends, our church, teachers, even counselors. Positive support and encouragement are so important in the learning process. It is not an easy journey. You have your autistic children for life. While other children grow up and leave home to get married and such, with autistic children, you are concerned about guardianship and conservatorship, as well as trying to find a place where they will be happy to live. It’s a huge challenge, but I love them. They are God’s gift. Thank you.

Video description: Bobba is standing in front of a white background, signing her story.

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