Adoption Barriers Faced by Deaf Lesbians

Deaf Lesbians’ Systemic Barriers to Adoption Ella and Judy discuss the challenges they faced as first-generation lesbian mothers dealing with systemic barriers to adoption. Domestic Violence Led to Move Judy: I had five children who I brought with me to Kansas from Oklahoma due to domestic violence that caused a breakdown in spiritual growth, as well as physical, emotional and …

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Heels for Hope by Deaf Iowans Against Abuse

Deaf Counseling Center’s therapist, Sheli Barber of the Bay Area, California, gave the keynote speech supporting victims of sexual assault and abuse at the Heels for Hope event sponsored by Deaf Iowans Against Abuse in Iowa this past weekend. Sheli shared the alarming fact that 99% of sexual assault perpetrators walk free. She also discussed the 19th century origins of …

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Mental Illness as Scapegoat for Gun Violence

Gun violence and mental illness are national  problems. Contrary to what some people in both the hearing and Deaf communities believe, mental ill ness does NOT cause gun violence. In this ASL video, Deaf Counseling Center’s CEO and therapist, Dr. Candace McCullough, clears up some of the myths on this issue. There have been a lot of shootings recently – …

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Abused Deaf Children Need Certified Interpreters

Family Members are not Interpreters: In the news recently, the Tennessee House and Senate are considering a controversial bill (SB0594 and HB0672) that could impact how investigators communicate with Deaf children who may have experienced domestic abuse or child abuse. At first glance, the bill appears well-intentioned. The intention is to ensure that in abuse cases, family members do not …

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Deanne Bray’s Rude Awakening

Deanne Bray stars in an informative video produced by Deaf Hope, outlining the basics of domestic violence. Learn about the war zone of domestic violence, reflect on the sad truth that every year more women die from domestic violence than soldiers die in the Mideast, and commit to educating your own daughters about domestic violence.

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Three Part-time Positions for Deaf Advocates in Iowa

Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault Advocate 3 Part- Time positions for Deaf Advocates in Iowa available; from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 Trained Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Advocate will provide direct services to Deaf /Hard of Hearing victims in the State of Iowa. Advocate will provide direct services in person, through video phone, secured AIM and text communications. …

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Why is Shoshannah Stern Pissed Off?

Another PSA by the Deaf Hope team – a very creative and well-done message! The only feedback we have is that we wish the opening line did not minimize Deaf identity, which is not even relevant to the PSA message. Deaf women who identify themselves as Deaf first share the same concerns as the actress, who says she identifies herself …

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Upcoming Conference: Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Victims (ASADV)

Domestic Violence in the Deaf Community: ASADV continues to bring attention to the topic of domestic violence and abuse by sponsoring a one-day conference in Rochester, New York, next month. CyberSafety and CyberBullying are among the timely issues that will be covered. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how domestic violence impacts our community and what you …

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