We are busy parents who wanted to work on our marriage but couldn’t afford to pay babysitters to go therapy. We tried videophone appointments. They worked out well and we could see our counselor while our toddler and baby napped.


My previous counselor pressured me to take medicine for depression and ignored my wish to deal with it naturally. Deaf Counseling Center was very respectful and supportive. My counselor gave me tips on how to take care of myself without medicine. I feel 100 times better today!


I live in South Dakota where there are no signing counselors in my town. You are a lifesaver for my marriage! I never dreamed that I would be able to have counseling in this remote area. So glad I found you online.

T. A.

As a hearing parent, I am very grateful that your center was able to offer face-to-face videophone counseling for my daughter. She was hesitant at first, but after just one meeting with her counselor she said she felt like she was right there in the office.


It was a big relief to find a Deaf counselor to work with. Someone who understood me and who I could have an easy conversation with, without worrying about an interpreter.


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