Stephen Frederic McCullough/Stephen Hugh McCullough

In Memoriam: Reflecting on A Complicated Father-Daughter Relationship

In this poignant memoriam, Deaf Counseling Center’s CEO, Dr. Candace McCullough, offers an authentic reflection on a complicated father-daughter relationship. Her words evoke feelings that many of us can relate to and remind us that there is no right or wrong way to grieve or talk about death.

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Autism: Deaf Mother’s Tie Story

Important Autism Lesson Mother Learned Raising a son with autism: Tammy Jo, parent of a Deaf child with autism, shares a story about raising her son. Through this important lesson she learned, we can all benefit and increase our understanding of how to interact with children with autism. Son Identifying his Autism: Hi, my name is Tammy Ellis. I would …

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Deaf Parent Raising Children with Autism

As part of our Neurodiversity video series, Bobba shares from her heart about raising two children with autism. Hello! I have two children with autism – one girl who is 29 and one boy who is almost 28, both of whom are complete opposites. My daughter is easily overstimulated and has seizures, while my son is very under stimulated. It …

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