Mental Illness as Scapegoat for Gun Violence

Gun violence and mental illness are national  problems. Contrary to what some people in both the hearing and Deaf communities believe, mental ill ness does NOT cause gun violence. In this ASL video, Deaf Counseling Center’s CEO and therapist, Dr. Candace McCullough, clears up some of the myths on this issue. There have been a lot of shootings recently – …

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Deaf People’s Knowledge and Views Related to Mental Health

What Do These Numbers Mean?: Here’s an interesting data table from a research study on Deaf mental health consumers done back in 1998. One author is Deaf, the other two are hearing – it’s great they have one Deaf author/researcher on board! Even though the table is shown below out of context of the original article and without demographic data …

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Chasing Happiness

World Map of Happiness: Adrian White, a British analytic social psychologist at the University of Leicester, has published the first world map of happiness, ranking 178 countries in order from happiest to least happiest. More than 100 studies that involved 80,000 people were used to determine the happiness rankings. In his research, White found that health is the best predictor …

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First Tell Me Why You Need to Know This

Collecting Demographic Information: If you have ever tried to collect demographic information about the membership of an organization, program, or university, you (a) may have been lucky enough to get a straightforward, no-questions-asked breakdown of the membership by gender, race, age, and so on, or (b) you may have found your request for information met with hesitation, suspicion, or outright …

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