Counseling in ASL

Deaf Counseling Center offers comprehensive psychological and consulting services for Deaf people and their families. Learn about our approach.

Your partner in:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Couples and marriage counseling
  • Family mediation

When necessary, we coordinate treatment with your psychiatrist and primary care physician to make sure the whole picture comes together.

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We’re Kid-Friendly

Children, like adults, can benefit from therapy. We help kids and teens cope with stress, understand identity and resolve emotional and behavioral issues. Through guided play and sand tray techniques, we promote healthy development in children and young adults.

Counseling Anywhere

Finding the right therapist and making time for appointments can be difficult. We make it easy for you by using the latest technology and innovation to offer videophone and online services no matter where you live.

Coaching for Leaders

We share our knowledge and expertise outside the therapy office.

  • Life coaching for assistance with personal, business, and professional visions
  • Consultation and education for the general public and professionals
  • Clinical supervision for therapists and social workers
  • Local and international presentations on mental health and Deaf people

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