Does Virtual/Online Counseling Work? 2007

Videophone and Internet-based Counseling: Who Benefits? One more video from our archives, this one from 2007, featuring Sharon introducing the concept of online/virtual/videophone counseling. It’s hard to believe 16 years have flown by since we brought online counseling sessions to the Deaf community for the first time in 2003. Thanks to Sorenson for distributing the first videophones to the Deaf …

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Deaf People’s Knowledge and Views Related to Mental Health

What Do These Numbers Mean?: Here’s an interesting data table from a research study on Deaf mental health consumers done back in 1998. One author is Deaf, the other two are hearing – it’s great they have one Deaf author/researcher on board! Even though the table is shown below out of context of the original article and without demographic data …

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Taste Test for Depression

Trial-and-Error: Finding the best medication to treat someone with depression has often required a trial-and-error approach. Ten people can respond in completely different ways to the same medication; just because Paxil worked miracles for your best friend doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. Some people test four or five different medications before they know which one really …

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Psychiatric Service Dogs

Healing Hounds: Service dogs have been around for years, with most of them accompanying blind, mobility impaired, and even some Deaf people. A growing number of people, however, are now relying on service dogs for assistance in other ways, including support as they deal with mental health issues. Psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) have been helping people with depression, anxiety, and …

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Purchase of National Deaf Academy

Sold: In the news this week, the Florida-based National Deaf Academy (NDA) has been purchased by Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. (PSI). A residential treatment program for Deaf children, adolescents, and adults in need of intensive psychiatric care, NDA is one of the few inpatient programs in the United States that specifically serves the Deaf community. With the purchase of NDA, PSI …

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