What is Psychotherapy?

Vlog Summary: Psychotherapy, also referred to as counseling or therapy, is a special process designed to help Deaf people work through any number of concerns or problems they may be experiencing in life. Some people go to therapy when they are dealing with a particular crisis, such as the end of a relationship or a death. Others seek therapy to help them understand feelings or behavior patterns that may be creating difficulties in their lives. Many people also go to therapy for personal growth and self-understanding. Some people who have unresolved issues from the past use therapy to find ways to make peace with their experiences and move on to healthier and happier lives. Deaf people who experienced communication oppression or abuse while growing up, for example, may use therapy to work through deep feelings related to this. People with medical issues such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, or ulcers, find that therapy can help with physical, as well as emotional, functioning. Couples go to therapy to learn how to communicate more effectively with each other and enjoy their relationship at a deeper level. Families may participate in therapy when they are experiencing ongoing conflicts that seem to have no solution.

In short, people use psychotherapy to deal with many common and uncommon life issues and transitions. When feelings become overwhelming or when you feel stuck, psychotherapy can help. The relationship between psychotherapist and client involves collaboration, trust, and acceptance. When you work together to understand your emotions, you can learn new and alternative ways of making long-term changes in your life.

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