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  1. Laura June 14, 2006

    I really enjoy the newletters. Yes I have never really tried out a blog before, but do enjoy movies to stir up emotions and to spark some debates with Mark…. Take care….

  2. ASC June 14, 2006

    Laura, glad to see you here. As you can see from the poll, blogging is relatively new for some people. Which movies do you think are good for sparkling debates?

  3. Laura June 15, 2006

    Brokeback Mountain for one. I have yet to see it, my girlfriend Sherry and I want to make it a girls night to see it. Our propective partners are ( mine is a die hard redneck) and her husband is military. My son says oh that is gross and I say no it is a love story, and everyone has a right to be happy and in love. Yet I knw he is 12, but I have tried very hard to install a repsect for all in him, even though he may not agree with it. It is very important for all to have respect for each other. eAs for the blogging thing, yes it is new to me. I am ok on the internet, but more interested in keeping tabs on the kids ( ages 12,13,and 14) with the myspace.com issue.


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