Homeless Deaf Man Dealing with Addictions

A Video Portrayal of a Homeless Dealing with Addictions

A close-up look into the life of a homeless Deaf man with alcohol and drug addictions. Mental health and substance abuse issues are often present together. If you know someone dealing with an addiction, chances are, this person is also struggling with a great deal of emotional pain. Untreated addictions can lead to job loss, estrangement from family and friends, and homelessness. It is important not to judge Deaf people who are seeking support for addiction issues. Instead, offer to connect them with a counselor who can refer them to an appropriate treatment program. Deaf people do face many barriers to treatment, most prominently, the lack of ASL-accessible programs, but it is important not to give up.

Quick Estimates of Addiction Statistics (McCrone, 1994)

Out of 28+ million Deaf people in the US:
200,000 alcoholics
3,505 heroin addicts
31,915 cocaine users
5,105 crack users
97,845 marijuana users

McCrone, W. (1994). A two Year Report Card on Title I of the American Disabilities Act: Implications for Rehabilitation Counseling with Deaf People. Journal of American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association, 28(2), 1-20.

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