Single on Valentine’s Day? 5 Ways to Celebrate Yourself

Single on Valentine’s Day? 5 Ways to Celebrate Yourself

For many single people, and plenty of others who are in relationships, Valentine’s Day can be a messy combination of sky-high romantic expectations, accompanied by feelings of disappointment, self-pity or depression. If this describes you, take charge of your own Valentine’s Day celebration.

1. Splurge on you: If you are living the single life, embrace it! Pick out a small gift or treat yourself to something special. Do what you like and enjoy not having to compromise or try to read a partner’s mind and come up with a perfect gift or date night.

2. You are not alone: Get together with another single friend or a group of friends. Instead of feeling sorry about being single, focus on enjoying friendships that bring happiness to your life.

3. Be one with Mother Nature: Whether you go outside for a brisk walk or simply gaze at the stars, taking in fresh air is a great way to stay grounded and clear your mind of negative thoughts.

4. The gift of giving: Look for an opportunity to make someone else’s day better. Surprise someone who would love to hear from you with a videophone call, drop off cookies for a lonely neighbor or drop off items at a charity. Volunteer at a Deaf group home or Deaf senior citizens center. When you give to others, you often get back more than might expect.

5. Distract yourself: Watch a funny movie or read a book. Clean out your closet, or finish a project you have been putting off forever, and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the finished result.

If you continue to feel depressed about Valentine’s Day, consider making a counseling appointment to get some clarity on your feelings. A therapist can help you make positive changes that will lead to a brighter outlook on life – and next year’s Valentine’s Day, too!

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