Sheri Ann Farinha for NAD President

To the NAD Delegates for the Upcoming 2012 Conference:

Alternative Solutions Center (ASC), a Deaf-owned and operated psychotherapy practice serving the Deaf community, is pleased to share our endorsement of Sheri Ann Farinha for NAD President.

Although there are many wonderful candidates running for NAD Board positions, Sheri’s history of advocacy for Deaf civil rights stands out. This is a cause close to our hearts – and those of our clients – whose stories remind us everyday how far we have to go in securing access to high-quality mental health services, education, employment, and so on, for members of our Deaf community.

With the combination of her longstanding commitment to activism and advocacy for the Deaf community and her charismatic leadership style, Sheri will make an exceptional President. She has earned the respect of many of us, with her willingness to use social media to communicate openly with the community. Sheri has our confidence that she will lead with the same dedication and accessibility she has consistently demonstrated in her professional and volunteer roles.

NAD delegates, we trust that you will acknowledge the outpouring of support for Sheri and cast your votes in her favor for NAD President.


Candace A. McCullough, PhD
Sharon M. Duchesneau, LCPC

For more information, visit Sheri Ann Farinha’s

Website: http://www.sheriannfarinha.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/303047126455009/

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