Seeking a Deaf School Psychologist

Deaf School Psychologist: Montgomery County Public Schools, MD has a position for a school psychologist in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program: Serve D/HOH students 3-21 yrs using Sign Language, Cued Speech, or spoken English to address educational, emotional/behavioral issues, individual/group counseling; select, administer & interpret appropriate assessment procedures re: cognitive, language, visual-spatial, social/ emotional needs, adaptive behaviors; consult w/staff, admin. & parents. Sign Language fluency required; Cued Speech desirable. Candidates with National Certification in School Psychology (NCSP) preferred.

Apply: http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/careers/

Contact: Susan Russell, Supervisor 301.670.2250 Voice/TTY

  1. Bobby September 28, 2011

    Hello My name is Bobby and My life being total born drugs addicts which is no way of Psychologis know about deaf clulture or are you talk about deaf psychologists? Not above life culture deaf or drinking problem either married drugs abuse case . they are many as million of reason strong case than easy life going on to be my life are more fears or is mind hidden lying itself… I am not any good my english wish meaning Born english drugs addicts is too ricky for living in the sun world of the deaf line. Many anti depression, Stress family, Family abuse drugs or drinking. The deaf human married to Drugs than wife or than friends
    I have more telling the while story is about PH.D or Doctor who have medical degree . I am not being take a little while for my typing shared with you all understand about deaf in full hearing total loss not even touch real world

  2. ASCDEAF September 29, 2011

    All of our therapists are Deaf. Please feel free to email us at asc@ascdeaf.com.

  3. Bobby B. May 8, 2012

    Who did removed in my names were try tell either hearing or deaf, Of course Hard of hearing. I did have a shared for everyone which they did not want me to tell American deaf,etc. How important for them when they were hidden alot about it and They did not want to know by the law of Goveremnet of state I knew it myself that I sure can see those false themself by against is not way for one thing “Psychologis know about Deaf culture life which is us fail for many of us I can be more clear like speak out or S[eak up to have the right many deaf people know about it and Stop hidden from our deafand hard of hearing human. Inorder my self that I have see million of those deaf people are getting more serious. Thank you Bobby B.


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