No Cut Policy for Sports in Deaf Schools

Part One

Part Two

Vlog Summary: New research findings related to sports psychology and child development have resulted in more progressive-thinking schools adopting no-cut policies when it comes to their athletic programs. Deaf schools, with their unique responsibility of providing academic and athletic education opportunities to Deaf students, should follow suit and allow all interested students to participate in their athletic programs. Cut policies are outdated and harmful.

In this vlog, Sharon M. Duchesneau reviews 11 myths and facts about no-cut policies for school sports programs, drawing on an article published by college professors and researchers, Dr. Stephen C. Jefferies and Dr. Vincent M. Nethery. For those who may prefer to read the article quickly, it can be accessed by clicking on the link below.


Jefferies, S. & Nethery, V. (2008). Cutting Kids from Athletics: Truths, Myths, and Misperceptions. Central Washington University. Retrieved (June 16, 2008).

To cite: Duchesneau, S. (2008). No Cut Policy for Sports in Deaf Schools. ASC on the Couch. Retrieved (date retrieved), from http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=344.

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