Media Psychology: Bob’s SLCC Vlog

Gallaudet University Public Relations Analyzed: Sharon Duchesneau takes a look at media psychology techniques at work in the most recent Bob’s Vlog production. Using a savvy and sophisticated public relations tool, Gallaudet University President Davila and his team discuss the now-under-construction SLCC building that has been the target of much concern among the Deaf v/blogging community. By understanding basic media psychology techniques, viewers can come to their own conclusions about the building and the political climate surrounding it.

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Duchesneau, S. (2007, March 3). Media Psychology: Bob’s SLCC Vlog. ASC on the Couch. Retrieved March 3, 2007, from http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=293

  1. Katie March 3, 2007

    Me excited? Not! I learned some new techniques from watching you. Thanks!!

  2. Jennifer March 3, 2007

    I am shocked that MJ said Gallaudet supports ASL. What happened to her? Where has she been? Her credibility is lost in the deaf community. That is for sure.

  3. Aidan Mack March 3, 2007

    Good Am!

    Good discussion… I also wish you would add a body language in your discussion. It is a huge difference between their body language and their discussion. I pay attention closely to the body language. I feel when some situations they discussed, I could see their body language in a defense mode. I am still concerned about SLCC’s mission. I am not fully satisfied. I will mention it in my Vlog. I cheated myself to read blogs and Vlogs when I was supposed to be out of Deafread (town). Now I get out of Deafread and work on my screenplay.


  4. Mishkazena March 3, 2007

    Right. When we watch any form of media, we need to analyze both what is being covered and what’s not touched. If some issues are not being discussed, then we need to determine the reasons for these omissions. Also, if extraordinary efforts are obviously made to assure everything is fine, that should alert us that something may not be kosher, after all.

  5. Joseph Pietro Riolo March 3, 2007

    You provided a very valuable education on media psychology. Thank you for teaching us.

    I want to add one thing to your part about cherry picking. I notice that some blogs, that moderate comments, are also cherry picking comments. They do so by not approving comments that they consider not supportive to their positions. When people read positive comments a blog, they may believe that there is truth in the blog when it is not.

    It is always an effort to apply critical thinking to media. Most would avoid the effort and just accept what media conveys.

    Again, you provided a valuable education to people.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  6. Kanny March 3, 2007

    I am excited (smile) to see your vlog. Is it your first vlog? If it is true, you did a wonderful job of analyzing Bob’s vlog using media psychology techniques. The word “wonderful” may not be enough. You did an outstanding job of doing this. If I were your teacher, I would give you an A++. I had the same thought about the infamous card asking for the donation to the SLCC. The group of people (half of them were deaf) decided not to mention the card and wanted to emphasize the positive part of the SLCC. I don’t know who they are but I assume they are decision makers on what they should say or not on Bob’s vlog. Keep your vlogs coming. I am looking forward to the next one.


  7. raychelle March 3, 2007

    beautiful analysis! definitely food for thought. and i’m excited about your analysis! it seems like gallaudet is returning to its old PR tactics before/during protest. one thing i don’t understand: one valued aspect of our culture is our directness. why can’t gallaudet be direct and honest with us for once? why not admit their mistake/oversight or true intentions with the postcard? their credibility would definitely be strengthened by being honest. it’s like, by cherry picking, santizing the facts and repeating, they think the masses are easily duped by basic media psychology tools. that thought in itself is dangerous – it divides us, and is exactly one of the reasons Gallaudet has had two protests in less than two decades. if they don’t clean up their act, a third one might be in the works… thank you for your beautiful vlog!

  8. E. Lynn Jacobowitz March 3, 2007

    Excellent analysis of media psychology related to VLOGs – this is a new area of study we need to incorporate in any visu-centric ASL/Deaf studies. Thank you for pointing out the important highlights of their discussion regarding the SLCC. As a member of the ASL and Deaf Studies department, I am looking forward to a better Gallaudet and I expect the departments (not all as I wish) will collaborate with each other on various endeavors to make Gallaudet a more rigor academy. Again, thanks for raising our consciousness. Keep up the great work as usual.

  9. Judge March 3, 2007

    Unfortunately, it has been broadcasted hoping that we the deaf people are stupid enough to not notice it. Sorry, it wasn’t the case!!

    You noticed. Others noticed. I noticed.

    For the Gallaudet P.R. Dept, it is very difficult task to win the people’s vote & confidence after all the incidents last fall.

    Sharon, I thank you for your points. I noticed something about myself on “repetition” and got to cut it down! LOL

    You are best!


  10. GoAwayAnxiety March 3, 2007

    GREAT JOB!!! I really learned something from your VLOG it makes a lot of sense and help us understand whats behind the media. THANKS for sharing!

  11. Julie Rems-Smario March 3, 2007

    Dear Sharon Duchesneau,

    What an OUTSTANDING analysis! I agree with you that it is a smart move that Gallaudet University now utilizes VLOGS as part of their PR tactics. Even with vlogs, we still demand transparency. We want leaders who meet us where we are and have a honest dialogue with us instead of glossing over the facts.

    Like Jared said in his recent vlog, we no longer want leaders telling the mass what to believe in or what to do. In this new generation of media, the leaders need to recognize the importance of working with the Deaf community as a collective group. There should be no “us” and “them” mentality with the leaders and the community at large.

    I have faith that with Dr. Davila’s leadership, the PR department is listening, learning, and modifying until they achieve what we, as stakeholders, want. Your vlog is certainly something the folks at the PR dept should study and apply. Thanks for bringing this up!

  12. Jana March 3, 2007

    As I listened to your points, you made me think. I need to see that vlog again. Your vlog has helped me and others to realize that we do not have to believe every word the media says. You provided a very clear understanding whats behind the media and how this influence us, our thinking about SLCC. Thanks for the time to make this points.

  13. Delanne March 3, 2007

    Great job! I learned something new with the terms and all. Now I can add 2 and 2!! 🙂


  14. ToddE March 3, 2007

    This is a stunning, tour de force vlog, deconstructing President Davila’s SLCC vlog, from a Media Psychology perspective. I have found it truly educational and only helps me train my discerning eye in viewing future Gallaudet vlog endeavors.

    Thank you for making this vlog! It is those people like you that truly advance DeafBlogLand towards a better discourse.

  15. Jessica March 3, 2007


    Interesting information there. Helps me understand better the position PR is put into. For sure it is a challenge!

    What bothered me was the wording used in the postcard. MJ in the vlog mentioned the different departments involved but in the postcard, only one dept. was mentioned, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology as prominently featured. It seems to say that the focus is to “explore the borders and boundaries between the visual and the auditory means of communicating”. Again VISUAL and AUDITORY jumps out. That is the first thing that comes to me before it is explained that other departments are involved. That sticks to my mind and then I have to adjust it after hearing further explanation. Perhaps they were trying to appeal to both sides to get donations.

    Again, thanks for sharing with us. I learned something.

  16. E. Lynn Jacobowitz March 3, 2007

    Hi again~
    I forgot to add -ous to rigor.

  17. Carl Schroeder March 3, 2007

    Well-presented! I like the cherry picking assertion. We need to remember that SLCC was initially planned to house a new doctoral program in the HSLS (Audiology/Speech), called Aud.D., a medical degree. Yes, Gallaudet University PR is using MJ to deliberately confound not only credibilities but also the language and culture of the Deaf, ASL.

  18. Stephen J. Hardy, II March 3, 2007


    Thank you for sharing information on your web and it is very important to educate D/deaf people on issues of validity. A lot of D/deaf people need to question things before they form their opinions. As we see a lot of duplication of messages and people tried to make it believable.

    There is a very dangerous trend on vlogs/blogs which tend to form an opinion for the readers. The readers are to collect information and decide which is fact or not.

    Hopefully D/deaf people will become an analyst to determine truth from fiction.

    What you are doing is, putting seeds in the D/deaf’s head to encourage them to practice critical and reasoning skills.

  19. Jean Boutcher March 3, 2007

    I am in toto agreement with you on all counts of media psychology as depicted on your vlog. Actually, one does not have to be an Albert Einstein to take Bob’s vlog on SLCC with a grain of salt. Based on my perception of the language engraved on the SLCC postcard as well as on the language employed on Bob’s vlog, it is much more disturbing that some deaf professionals seem to sell their souls to the Devil __by pandering to__the hearing professionals at the expense of nine million deaf Americans. As you always have in your analyses, I appreciate your critic’s eye on media psychology employed at Gallaudet.

    Jean Boutcher

  20. RLM March 3, 2007

    Well-done, Sharon for educating the majority of blog readers and vlog viewers about the media psychology, who happen to be not very familar with the “spin doctors” or college-educated themselves.

    I have not seen Bob’s latest Gally vlog yet. I will review and seen it ASAP after this comment message. I would be not surprised about such Orwellian tactics within the interdepartmenal unit at Gallaudet University.

    The current Gallaudet PR and Development Unit already lost its creditibility after unfairly branding the “UFG” protestors and supporters “terrorist”, “anarchy”, “not deaf enough” and “question about deaf identity” last Spring 2006 and Fall 2006.

    The Kendall Green campus seems return to the normalcy after turblent and chaotic periods from the “Unity for Gallaudet” protests and pre-protest squabbles. That reminds me much of the Roaring Twenties which Americans had enough of political and social dramas during the Wilson Presidency. They did want nothing to do with the reform-minded politicans and social activitists and rather party, party and had a good time. In the end, the very same people faced the serious consquences of their inactions to the severe fiscal and economic disasters fell upon them- the Great Depression and international diplomacy/banking crisis.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  21. John Egbert March 3, 2007

    Good information learned from you,

    I am trying to learn how to communicate to group of people whether it’s the Vlogging or public arena. I admit that I really have a lot to learn.

    Our(Deaf Community) goals should be trying to get hearing parents of deaf children to realize that ASL/English(reading and writing) is the most important foundation to enter as a normal human being in the society. But the biggest problem is that they or most of them have mental block and can’t be comprehended.

    Seems that I have to be accepted as a supporter(of their rights) in Oral methods so they will be able to be open-minded and hear my experience as a “guinea pig” in both worlds of communication methods which is visual and “audio”. That’s just one strategy though.

    Media Psychology is an interesting subject. Good Job!

  22. Diane March 3, 2007

    What make MJ joined the Bob’s vlog? She is indeed well known in the Deaf community. I am a bit confused here. It is sad to see how things go wrong.

  23. RLM March 3, 2007

    In defense of MishkaZena and other citizen journalists, every of us do have personal biases and ideological leanings. Nobody is perfect!

    MishkaZena surely try her best of being a citizen journalist with so-called balanced and objective newsreportings.

    Citizen journalist aka blogger/vlogger are not holding up to the highest standards of journalism/newsreportings as other trained journalists/newsreporters.

    MishkaZena never pretend about expressing her own feelings and thoughts unlike the trained spin doctors (PR and publicists). That is much different from her and the Gallaudet PR Department at the helm of Mercy Coogan, who is more involved in university decision-making beyond her given postiton.

    I eventually trust MishkaZena over the Gallaudet PR team because she have the real compassion and sincerity in her bones as compared to Mercy Coogan peddling the lies and distortations during the “UFG” protest.

    Mercy Coogan could resign her PR postiton in name of principle and human decency which she have a chance of refusing to go along with the manfactured lies and distortations last spring and fall 2006. Mercy didn’t!

    You speaking of Ricky Taylor aka Ridor. He never pretend to be a journalist. Ridor is simply a blogger to blurt out his own thoughts and feelings. That make his blog more likeable and enjoyful for many people making and leaving comments. His own style of blogging keep people cominig back and back to the lively and unqiue blog.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  24. Amy Cohen Efron March 3, 2007


    I am very pleased with your work and efforts with your vlog explaining about the media psychology by using Bob’s vlog as an example.

    It made me think about why it is so necessary for Gallaudet’s Public Relations department to ‘spin’ this whole shin-bag to minimize the damage from Gallaudet’s Development Office’s “faux pas snafu” with the infamous postcard?

    I cannot understand why Gallaudet cannot simply take some sense of responsibility to explain that the postcard was simply a mistake, and ask for ‘recall’ of all postcards, and follow up with the appropriate one?

    Maybe they do not want to admit their terrible mistake? Perhaps they think that admitting faux pas is a worst public relations nightmare?

    No. I think not.

    I truly believe that Gallaudet’s overt denial about the postcard snafu is the WORST public relations nightmare because it shows that Gallaudet is not accountable for their mistakes!

    Therefore, all of these mistakes that Gallaudet made in the past, and lack of accountability of them, which may mean that these mistakes are prone to happen again!

    It just saddened me tremendously. All I ask for a simple, straightforward, to-the-point response from Gallaudet:

    “The postcard is a mistake. We value all of our alumni and friends of Gallaudet, and we will rectify this mistake as soon as possible. We appreciate our community’s input, and we did listen to your concerns.”

    How simple is that? Bob’s vlog did not show how much we are valued, except talking down on us by telling how great and “excited” about the building, and it is all about ASL this and that.

    Oh pluueezzee… we are Deaf, not that DUMB!

    Amy Cohen Efron

  25. matt March 3, 2007

    thanks for sharing a thorough analysis and educating us about media psychology.

    again i am not suprised with their tactics. with 40 million possible Internet readers, i had hoped that the truth would come out. sighhh

    there are similarities in society.
    for example, in some places, people killing people and not calling it a war.

    but i do agree with amy that gally need to own up to their mistakes.

    also i will add this: can MJ be “bought”?
    in my opinion, i dont think so. i do believe that she is doing the best she can under the circumstances.

    we know where positive changes must happen…at BoT !!
    anxious to see who will come on board.

    let the flying hands, lively discussions, provoking questions via blogs, vlogs, whatever, continue.
    I say it again: ASL will not go away
    ASL will not die !

  26. Cy March 3, 2007

    THAT is what I was trying to express in my blog with this same topic, except that my entry was rather pathetic! I only could say something was amiss and that the trio were trying too hard to sell us that it is all about ASL and all that.

    Your presentation offered valid termologies for what I tried to express. Thank you! We all learned the techniques and the words for them! Wonderful presentation.

    Aidan – her presentation was just FINE. She is presenting her information in more PROFESSIONAL manner while you are way more EMOTIONAL. Your vlogs show a lot of passion, a variety of emotions, opinions, perpsectives, etc. That is not what Sharon intends for her presentation – she wanted to offer the deaf community an opportunity to express themselves in regards to the SLCC with appropriate media psycholoigical words that most of don’t know. We all know “something is not right” but are at loss in how to explain just what is is not right about the vlog on SLCC because we don’t know the name for those techniques. Sharon implemented this vlog to give us the words so we can discuss more intelligently and appropriately and to expand our discussions. I think she did an excellent job. Body language is not required for every vlog. It depends on the purpose, and Sharon’s purpose was educational which was professionally presented. Your vlogs are more casual and opinion based in which more body language and facial expression make for better presentation.

  27. Fred March 3, 2007

    I am excited!

    Why? I learned a great deal from you. Thanks for stretching our minds !!

  28. debby March 3, 2007

    Excited??? Not sure but your beautiful vlog do excite and educate everybody.

  29. Barb DiGi March 3, 2007

    Hi Sharon,

    You have presented in an eloquent yet precise way that is crystal clear to the point.

    Media psychology is like playing head games but knowing that we are getting smarter than ever as we are living in a new yet latter chapter of Informational Age where dialogue has been exchanged by b/vlogging. You surely have contributed to it!

    I have been baffled about the plan on clustering ASL/Deaf studies with Speech/Auditory training since I don’t see how it fits. For M.J. to justify on promoting the speech/auditory recipients is an interesting strategy. I just need to analyze more on that but heck I ain’t that excited! However, I still desire to see Gallaudet English department to be placed closely next to ASL department where bilingual education can grow more effectively.

    In closing, we need to question on how Gallaudet can maximize in facilitating bilingual education if ASL and English studies are not even neighbors. As you know, environment has a strong effect on behavior. As for this separate physical environment where both languages are placed in isolation, the concept of bi-bi will not be strengthened as it should be.

  30. Allen March 4, 2007


    Awesome discussion. I always enjoy ASC vlogs and blogs. One thing I want to say to Matt, I know some people want to defend MJ because she WAS good for the deaf community in the past, but Matt needs to realize MJ is indeed bought by Gallaudet for whatever reason — probably money and promotion. MJ is the kind of person who always craves attention. She would probably do it to get recognition forgetting her roots. It is obvious to all of us watching Bob’s recent vlog. Like Aidan says, we need to watch body language on three people (I did not think Aidan meant Sharon’s body language. I think she wished that Sharon could include one more media psychology technique of body language). Stiff and fake! Check out MJ’s painful smile right after she said we should have HSLS because it is part of our experience. She herself knows it is not true! Amy, you are right we are not dumb. I am glad more and more deaf people are showing their intelligence. I can see that many of them do have critical thinking skills. Hand waves.

  31. IamMine March 4, 2007

    Wow, I’m impressed with your in-depth analysis on media. I agree with Aidan, we need to learn more about body languages. That’s really an important aspect of analyzing the information from the person giving it.

    Yes, I am aware of some of their techniques. I see it everyday on TV and especially with President Bush. Powerful PR.

    Repetition is one of the major keys in the media field, I agree.

    That’s where vloggers and bloggers have to come into play when opposed to an idea or a plan that would affect the community, or support the community – but again, with credibility and sources.

    That’s quite a challenge…but you are right, we do have to learn more on analyzing after going through with our emotions on an issue that we feel impacted us.

    Emotion is a stage we go through…then thinking comes into the picture.

    If we do not analyze, then our thinking is based on our emotions.

    PR likes to do that…what a spinning tool!

  32. Jean Boutcher March 4, 2007

    As always, I admire Sharon and Allen as astute analysts. What struck me from the beginning to the end of Bob’s Vlog was that MJ was visibly like a dog with a wagging tail feeling good being patted on the head. It is like a person who is unthinkably obedient, selling his souls if the Devil says, “On the take: I will give you an A plus plus plus or candy, unvisibly saying ‘me or him.'” Frankly speaking, had I been there, I would in the middle of the vlog have WALKED OUT instead of allowing myself to be sold! I agree with both Allen and Cy on the body language in question. Sharon was correct in restraining herself professionally whilst presenting her opinion on the tactics of media psychology. Had Sharon been there with Bob, that would be entirely another story.
    In the closing, I wish Amy Cohen-Efron HAD BEEN on Bob’s Vlog, for she is a person who has a mind of her own and would never allow anyone to pat on her head. Had she been on Bob’s vlog, she would have intervened Bob and Allen and waved the postcard fiercely like a woman waving the French flag in the French Revolution against the controlling and intimidating people.

    Merci beaucoup beaucoup BEAUCOUP to the great brains like Allen
    and Sharon and Amy!

    Vive l’ASC blog-vlog!
    Jean Boutcher

  33. Jean Boutcher March 4, 2007

    Post Scriptum:

    Forgive me for having forgotten to thank the unsung hero, namely, Linguist Robert E. Johnson’s brilliant 17-page letter to the Gallaudet community. The letter says it all. See it at http://www.gufssa.org. He would never sell his soul to pander for the administrators.

  34. Kate March 4, 2007

    I have to admit that I haven’t even watched Bob Davila’s Vlogs since he took over the Office of the President as an interim……bad girl, Kate!!!

    Good thing, I did not delete all those e-mails, now I’m going to watch Bob’s Vlogs and see for myself what you (Sharon) said in your Vlog. Makes me think about it….hmmmmm

    Personally, I don’t know MJ very well, however professionally, I don’t like her because of what she did at PCRID Conference in 2004, in which I was a Volunteer Coordinator for hearing students who want to volunteer (for community service, you know?) to add onto their resume’s.

    After I watch all of Bob’s Vlogs, I’ll get back to you with my feedbacks….that’s a promise.

    Kate Vadakin

  35. Cy March 4, 2007


    Perhaps you are right about Aidan meaning body language on parts of the presenters on SLCC vlog rather than Sharon herself as I interpreted Aidan’s message as being. Perhaps Aidan might come back and clarify this? 🙂 I DO agree about body language – as I said, I noticed Dr Davila’s demeanor as being less confident perhaps because he came in middle of the project and has not immersed into it yet…does not know the project thoroughly yet…and jumped the gun on doing the vlog on SLCC because he was very concerned about the reaction on the postcards and wanted to do some damage control. I am not sure if I read any into the body language on parts of both guests, though. I DID get the feeling MJ was kind of skimpy with her presentation – not as thorough as she could have been. Not transparent enough. But, this is not about body language – it is more about how information was presented as what Sharon’s vlog was about.

  36. The One and Only Ridor March 4, 2007

    Sharon & Candace:

    It won’t surprise me at all that you both analyzed RidorLIVE.com from day one. I freely admit that I am aware of Media Psychology (Remember I majored in Television at Gallaudet so I studied things like Mass Media and the Deaf Community, Mass Media and the Communication et al) — I am aware of credibility, sources, cherry picking and others.

    It was easy for me to bilk what s wrong with Bob’s VLOG. And it was easier for me to write entries that provoke people to respond and come back.

    And I won’t be surprised that you both analyzed my blogsite to an extent.

    Otherwise, Sharon, great vLOG.



  37. Debbie P March 4, 2007

    Very interesting! MJ thought it made sense to include HSLS in the SLCC building because she never met a deaf person who has no experience with audiologists? Should a building include a KKK center because every black person has experienced oppression by white people. Obviously, it is a distorted thinking. I am glad deaf people outside Gallaudet University are getting smarter than people inside Gallaudet University.

  38. Gallaudet Professor March 4, 2007

    Sharon and Candace,

    You make an incredible team. Congratulations to ASC on a vlog well-done. It is clear to me you two must be wonderful psychologists indeed.

    I cannot add much to the discussion. The responses above say it all.

    In my world, given the choice, I would choose to sit and converse with a KKK supporter, rather than some of these flip-flopping deaf leaders in whom I can no longer place my trust. At the very least, I know where the KKK supporter stands, even though I totally disagree. Flip-flopping people are two-faced; they would state their agreement to me, then turn around and spout some nonsense to the contrary.

    Again, my sincerest congratulations go to ASC. I will certainly refer people to you. Thank you.

    P.S. I apologize for using a pseudonym. Due to my position at Gallaudet, I fear for my career.

  39. Ella Lentz March 4, 2007

    GREAAAATTT analysis and commentary! This is going to benefit us in the long run! When we are more aware and savvy of how media works, we are not only able to better critique what we see or read, but to better know how to frame things for ourselves and the public.
    And this following Jaredls wonderful vlog about vlogs and blogs and the cultural shift. We got amazing Deaf folks out there!
    Professional, educational, and critical…who can say Deaf people are “dumb” any more? Thank you, Sharon and Candy!

  40. DE March 5, 2007

    FABULOUS vlog, Sharon & Candace!!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this extra-special vlog. I won’t add anything to what’s been discussed in the comments above, but of all the points you brought up, two stood up for me- 1) “language” & how specific departments were assigned to relocate to the new center. You nailed the point that other depts. work more with our bilingualism and should be relocated there instead of the audiology dept. 2) the usage of the “excited” term.

    People want more honesty and “realness” from our political leaders-but to what extent? Would Davila’s recent vlog be more successful had they addressed our upset feelings over the postcard- or open a new can of worms, like you said? And we must consider the Deaf Culture factor when covering general PR tools. Should we be more forthcoming than what a generic PR person would recommend us to spin, gloss over, or omit?

    Anyway, thank you.


  41. raychelle March 5, 2007

    DE, you bring many good questions to the table. that is definitely something that must be discussed. frankly, i’m for openness and transparency. the million dollar question is, like you said, how much? i would think good leaders know where the happy medium is – being open and transparent without raising confidentality isues (personnel, salary, etc). dancing around the issues is not something that we should accept from our leaders.

  42. DE March 5, 2007


    Yup! “Beating around the bush” certainly ain’t celebrated in our community. I’ve experienced a situation where confidentality superseded Deaf culture norms (I.e., us Deafies wanted details pertaining a community situation)- and it caused us years of agitation, I’m telling u!

    Yet, I’ve observed other situations where Deaf leaders bluntly declared, “I cannot discuss this due to personnell issues”, etc.- and we promptly accepted that.

    In other words, don’t ignore the elephant in the room. Explain the elephant, nope- but at least acknowledge that there’s a certain big-sized mammal in the midst.

    The elephant in the recent vlog on SLCC was… The postcard and the furor over it. The even bigger elephant (Mama Elephant? Or in honor of AGB, Papa Elephant) was…why the frig is speech still confused/jumbled with language?!


  43. Suzy March 6, 2007

    I second to all that’s been said as an ”outsider” who never graduated from GU but went there for some certain educational and social opportunities. My biggest, best and fond memories are the Deaf Way conferences.

    I couldn’t agree more except to say that communication is everything; especially how, when and what is said. It is usually verified by a ‘why’ to justify any intentions or ramifications of its intentions. ‘Say what you mean’ and do what you intended are two different things. It is up to the beholder and the eyes of the communicator and receiver to construe messages relayed.

    I’ve followed this stuff on the GU protest plus the latest heat on the SLCC thing. I’m glad for ASC’s research on media psychology and the recent vlog by Sharon on how the media manipulates people into believers. We’re swift to discern all the facts presented by way its mediums (ie vlog, blogs, newscripts/texts etc).

    One more thing before closing my commentary; Ella’s Flashlight V/blogsite had a mention about healthy communities coming together by the using of certain labels to identify oneself and as a reminder, I beleive one goal whether you are a political entity/institution or system, group, family or individual should be intented towards the betterment of it’s people. As one media comment from GU said, ”problems isn’t going to be solved on the internet” but at least it allows people to communicate, get their thoughts, experiences, feelings out in the open and that is one of the keys towards healing. At least its a beginnning and let’s honor such beginnings!!

    Never fear ! As long as words, signs and messages are clear, take care of what holds in our hearts dear! Never fear! And finally, such intentions can either heal or hurt. The choice is up to the communicator.

    May the best people or team communicate for, by and of the people as it is intended! Thy trust is sacred!

  44. Cheryl March 6, 2007

    Finally saw your vlog and I have to say, I’m glad you’re pointing this out for us! I just wish I had your bravery and clarity to confront or say what’s really going on at GU, sad, huh? Maybe you planted a seed for me 🙂

    Maybe I’m one of the rare ones but I don’t do v/blogs so this may already be addressed, but I have to ask, has anyone mentioned ‘Deaf Nude'(I presume he meant ‘Deaf Space’) signed by Tom? Or was that my imagination? After that vlog, I did watch people and everyone fingerspelled ‘space’, so GU is really ASL, hmm?

  45. Shane March 6, 2007

    Interesting analysis. I’m thrilled to see a critical analysis of vlogs on the deaf blogosphere. And it was very professional. I liked the part where you wondered if Tom Allen’s credibility was raised because he sat next to MJ Bienvenu.

  46. Diane March 6, 2007

    Cheryl…LOL! “Deaf nude” by Tom! Wishful thinking, maybe? Freudian slip? Seriously, you are right. Many signs done by Gallaudet people are very embarrassing and they still think they are doing ASL. Did you see MJ sign “chance” with C handshape? What happened to ASL at Gallaudet? Serious cleaning needed!

  47. Anne Marie March 6, 2007

    Tom Allen is the one who acquired 3.5 million grant from National Science Foundation for Visual Learning research. This huge project goes toward the plan with SLCC. That’s the reason why he is sitting there.

  48. Bobby March 7, 2007

    This is an interesting vlog about Deaf Culture and names:


    The reason I put it here is that I noticed MJ signed “President Davila” in Bob’s Vlog. He was sitting across from her. Normally, Deaf people don’t sign each other’s names when they are in the same room and talking to each other. I can understand using a name to prevent confusion when many people are in the room (for example at graduation). It struck me as odd to use a name when there are two people. A Deaf Culture faux pas. It seems Deaf Culture is rapidly being diluted at Gallaudet. As an oral person, one of the first things I learned in my ASL class was that Deaf people do not address each other by their names or talk about someone by their name if that person is right there and part of the conversation.

    I also observed that Davila calls his vlog “Bob’s Vlog”, using his first name. It may be a PR technique to appear chummy but it still fits well with Deaf Culture.

  49. Karen Brown March 7, 2007

    Anne Marie,
    Can you tell us more about the 3.5 million grant for SLCC? I am not sure if it is for the building or for programs in the building. Is it all designated for HSLS? Can it be applied to ASL? Who is in charge of distributing the money and deciding where it goes?
    Thank you.

  50. Joseph Pietro Riolo March 7, 2007

    Being prompted by Anne Marie and Ms. Karen Brown, I did a quick search at National Science Foundation’s website and found the award number for the research. The award number is 0541953 and the title of the award is “Collaborative Research: Science of Learning Center: Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2)”. Here is the web address, if it works: http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward.do?AwardNumber=0541953

    Then, I googled on the award number that led me to the home page for the research at Gallaudet University: http://vl2.gallaudet.edu/index.php

    Just for your information. 🙂

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  51. Jennifer March 13, 2007

    Hi Sharon,
    Good to see you and it is very valuable vlog. Thank you.
    Why the postcard was untouched topic in Dr. Davila’s vlog? I was told by a speech pathologist who happened to be my friend (I know I know, dont get crazy.) that people in that department had no idea about the Brick donation. They were not included in this decision making. That is all I know of now. Is it true?? I will never know but I will pay close attention using your tips.

    Jennifer J F.

  52. Teryl March 27, 2007

    Hi Sharon,

    You provided a very valuable education on media psychology. Thanks for sharing
    with us.

    My blog

  53. p April 3, 2007

    kudos for this vlog

    enjoyed ur analysis of Gally’s PR – especially the part on SPIN

    when the gally protest part II happened i thought wow – maybe the administration has existed too long within the beltway because their turn around time and their ability to twist and misconstrue reality to fit their own political agenda was impressive

    prime example of SPIN for sure

    this is the importance of grassroots Vlogs and not PR made Vlogs – the grassroots Vlogs – they clearly speak the truth as the creator / the person who made the Vlog sees it

    slick Vlogs made by PR groups – present the Vlog as facts when in fact it is simply the powers-that-be tapping into the newest way of disseminating information to the masses in an accessible manner

    i irony of the whole postcard thing was FAILED spin, credibility, and cherry picking
    the postcard did not appeal to alumnus to return to the fold – to return to contributing to gally’s future
    the postcard did not show credibility due to omitting any mention of ASL and also by showing pix that omitted ASL as the years passed
    the postcard cherry picked to emphasize speech and audiology and dismiss ASL but was sent to DEAF and HARD of HEARING people all over the US – salt on the wound? surely a big mistake and accident on Gally’s PR dept’s part

    a big part of part of effective media is knowing your audience – the Vlog on SLCC showed they knew their target audience but that they were employing techniques (sanitizing facts, repetition, etc) that fail to address the centeral issues of the postcard controversy and the other issues surrounding the poor bldg that has yet to be built

    thanks again for ur Vlog = very important



  54. Spinnan April 5, 2007
  55. ASC April 27, 2007

    To everyone who viewed the Media Psychology vlog and took the time to respond,

    Thank you for your feedback and support for ASC’s vlog. Like many of you said, PR tactics have been around for years and likely always will be around. The SLCC vlog put out by Gallaudet is nothing new in this respect – just a new medium for sending out information and attempting to influence public opinion. In and of itself, media psychology isn’t good or bad – it is how it used that we need to be wary of. It’s great to know that our community has many people keeping an eye on the media, inside and outside of Gallaudet…and not just about SLCC PR, but all Deaf-related issues.


  56. Teri May 2, 2007

    Sorry for replying this post soooo late! I now am catching up reading all other blogs and vlogs!

    Anyway . . .

    Yes, it is crucial to read between the frames (lines) to seek some possible hidden agenda behind their messages (or media) especially when it comes to the issue of politics.

    Media now is like a political circus mainpulating the information, even the truths — dictatorship!

    In this generation, media is playing a big part in creating havoc around the world and spreading lies and half-truths. More people are becoming aware of the hidden agendas of the media nowsdays.

    So Gallaudet’s PR use media to help shape their image. Thus, we, deaf people must also observe GU political or PR vlogs the same way we do with the media.

    Wonderful video post!

  57. Ken Bouder October 30, 2010

    Basically, PR team, naturally will be a group of people that will be funded by a corporation, university or what not, their task is to save money from any lawsuit, class lawsuit, what you say, and is those people who are willing to take the risk in taking the position to just do that. It is not luxurious position to have, and often, are attacked by the opponent who may find them offensive. For current day/time, it is just not worth it, because it would require one to be in a position of itself thinking that it is in a higher recognized position, when one can be taken down by anyone. One will have to transfer to other institute or other state, to presevre their reputation. If it takes them to sell their house to another state to buy a house, they will, that is their necessary to protect themselves to preserve their career, if one is ability to know what to do. Not a career worthwhile for anyone, but one daring to do.

  58. ASCDEAF November 1, 2010

    Ken – Not quite sure I follow how your comment relates to the topic here. Are trying to make the point that PR firms use media psychology techniques to do whatever they need to do to protect their clients?


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