Loving Day: Matt Reinig & Natasha Ofili


Matt: Hello, my name is Matt Reinig (name sign). Natasha: Hi, I’m Natasha Ofili (name sign). Matt: So, we want to share our experience in our relationship. Today… Yesterday, June 12th, we celebrate Richard and Mildred Loving… If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to marry and celebrate our love in public. Natasha: I think that National loving Day yesterday is really inspiring, for me, and other relationships because love does not discriminate. It really doesn’t! Matt: Love is Love! We don’t really think about that [discrimination] in our relationship. We met and we just fell in love. Until I had my own worries. A Black / African American Woman? What would black men think of me? That was short-lived, but it did dwell in my thoughts. Just focus on each other. Focus on the love that was there from the beginning, from the moment we met. Natasha: I think it was that instant human connection, where we were able to confess our love to each other, grow together, learn from each other, laugh… Matt: And she scares me a lot too! That has nothing to do with race. That’s another thing about Loving: when they met, they had no idea what was going on in our nation… And they still loved each other. They didn’t see what was going on… But people outside of that town saw them and didn’t like that. Natasha & Matt: We are so grateful for them. Natasha: Really grateful for them because, again, we wouldn’t be in the same room or married if it wasn’t for them. This made a really big impact… and it’s only been 51 years… It’s still new… Wow. Matt: That is some of our story! Natasha & Matt: Thank you! Matt: Have a great day!

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