Happy Thanksgiving from ASC

Bringing Issues to the Table: The November ASC Newsletter is out, featuring articles on expressing gratitude, coping with eating disorders, and dealing with grief and loss during the holidays. No matter how much you may love your family, if you are a Deaf person heading to a family gathering where no one signs and where you are more likely than not to miss half of the dinner table conversation, frustration and old wounds may arise. Check out Deaf Thanksgiving for an alternative, next-day celebration.

Our Gratitude: Thanks to all of you who have made room in your lives for ASC on the Couch. We truly appreciate your thoughtful comments and questions related to our posts. As always, please feel free to comment or email us anytime. We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and restful long weekend.

  1. E. Lynn Jacobowitz, Ph.D. November 22, 2006

    We are grateful to have you gals as our dear friends. We look forward to many years of our friendship, your professional guidance and great VLOG/BLOG news! Hugs, Lynn, Kathy, Eve, Anna and Uffie

  2. Barbara November 22, 2006

    I love this website, Deaf Culture Online. It is great to share this with friends, family, coworkers, and acquantances alike. Thanks…


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