Deaf or ASL Guidance Counselor, Staunton Virginia

Guidance Counselor
VA Sch for Deaf/Blind-Staunton – Staunton, VA 
$42,062 – $66,779 a year

The Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind at Staunton, Virginia is seeking a Guidance Counselor to provide personal, academic and career and technical education counseling to students enrolled at the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind. This is a 10-month position with 200 workdays per year and state benefits.

Responsibilities include:

* Maintains the guidance program by assessing student needs and coordinating guidance services for students

* Collaborates with other school Guidance Counselor to ensure guidance services are consistent between all grade levels and students receive the necessary services for successful progression.

* Provides personal and psycho-educational counseling in a one on one setting or group setting on a scheduled basis, in the areas of socio-emotional, academic and career development.

* Provides specialized counseling sessions during residential hours as needed.

* Provides support for Character Education programming as necessary. * Maintains the most current information in the School Counseling field by attending professional development opportunities.

* Conducts informal and standardized career and technology assessments.

* Conducts Classroom Guidance lessons related to Career/ Employment, Training, and Higher education opportunities.

* Develops or serves as consultant for the development of transition plans in the Individualized Education Plans.

* Serves as facility liaison to link students with outside agencies and coordinate vocational, educational and transitional services.

* Works in conjunction with VSDB administration to develop and maintain class schedules for all high school students to ensure compliance with graduation requirements by gathering and coordinating information from students, families and VSDB staff.

* Serves as a member of the Admissions team to evaluate information for potential placement of students.

* Assesses potential success of student and determines class placement. * Serves as a member of the Student Support team to monitor the social-emotional and behavioral needs of students.

* Serves as a member of the Threat Assessment Team to evaluate threats or risks on campus.

* Administers and monitors testing with appropriate accommodations for entrance to workforce, colleges or higher education.

* Serves as a liaison and support to the Mental Health Counseling agency on campus.

* Provides crisis counseling support for escalating situations. * Recommends/contacts referral sources, agencies or programs to deal with crisis situations (available after hours for emergency or crisis intervention and assistance)

* Serves as a liaison between home, school and community, and promotes effective resource utilization and positive relations with public entities in order to support transition from school to employment/higher education.

* Provides information on training programs, activities and materials for families outside of the school setting.

* Coordinates, plans and executes events with guest speakers from the community, recruiters, and representatives applicable to a student’s social-emotional well-being or future educational/ career aspirations.

Minimum Qualifications 

* A minimum of a Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university and certification from an approved counselor education program * Hold or be eligible for a valid Virginia license issued by the Board of Education with endorsement as School Counselor preK-12. * Valid Virginia Driver’s License and meet criteria in order to transport students as needed * Knowledge of child growth and development, and special needs of children with disabilities * Proficiency level of ?Advanced?? in American Sign Language as measured by the Sign Language Proficiency Interview or agreement to acquire the specified level within three years * Ability to plan and organize work * Ability to work using a team approach * Ability to follow school policies and procedures * Knowledge of counseling theory and principles and practices of counseling * Knowledge of transitional planning process and community resources * Ability to interact on a physical level with children and to perform repetitive motion to include standing, sitting, reaching, lifting, walking, bending , and climbing

Preferred Qualifications 

* Experience in counseling children with disabilities

Special Requirements 

Note: A criminal history and driving record check will be required for final candidates.
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