Deficit Thinker vs. Deficit Thinking

Vlog Summary: The past week has seen a heated debate over the issue of
deficit thinking, with many vlogs and blogs contributing to a healthy and
thought-provoking discussion. A small, but intriguing, aspect of the
discussion raises the question of what the difference is between “deficit
thinker” and “deficit thinking”? As Candace A. McCullough explains,
“deficit thinker” labels the whole person, while “deficit thinking”
describes the behavior. From a counseling perspective, using the term
“deficit thinking” is more accurate and less condemning of the whole person,
than is the term “deficit thinker”.

To cite:

McCullough, C. (2007, December 18). Deficit Thinker vs. Deficit Thinking. ASC on the Couch. Retrieved (date retrieved), from http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=331

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