Deaf Couples Counseling: 1 to 10 ASL Story

Dr. Candace A. McCullough took the challenge of doing an impromptu 1 to 10 American Sign Language story on Deaf couples counseling/therapy.

1 = Couple fighting, disagreeing; walking to counseling session
2 = Couple sit down side by side on couch, look at each other angrily, one looks away while the other looks at partner, then vice versa; psychologist looks at the couple with concern
3 = Psychologist listens to each individual’s story
4 = Each person angrily accuses the other of making up things
5 = Psychologist asks couple to pause and stay calm; psychologist talks to each person and helps them talk and listen to each other
6 = Again, couple disagrees, with one calling the other pea-brained and the other calling partner weird; psychologist tell them to stop name-calling
7 = Psychologist works with couple to analyze situation and understand the underlying issues
8 = Couple finds out what the real issues are
9 = Each person realizes there are things they don’t know or realize about each other; mood is calmer
10 = Each person apologizes to the other; one asks the other if love is still there; response is yes; couple leaves counseling office together; psychologist looks relieved

We provide therapy to Deaf clients on a national basis.

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  1. Annie Marks December 21, 2015

    That is awesome that there are counselors available for anyone, including the deaf! That is cool that there are therapists that are able to speak sign language to help not only the deaf but children who are learning speak. I like that sign language gives many the option to express their feelings and work through their problems. Thank you for sharing!


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