Deaf Couples Counseling: 1 to 10 ASL Story

Dr. Candace A. McCullough took the challenge of doing an impromptu 1 to 10 American Sign Language story on Deaf couples counseling/therapy.

1 = Couple fighting, disagreeing; walking to counseling session
2 = Couple sit down side by side on couch, look at each other angrily, one looks away while the other looks at partner, then vice versa; psychologist looks at the couple with concern
3 = Psychologist listens to each individual’s story
4 = Each person angrily accuses the other of making up things
5 = Psychologist asks couple to pause and stay calm; psychologist talks to each person and helps them talk and listen to each other
6 = Again, couple disagrees, with one calling the other pea-brained and the other calling partner weird; psychologist tell them to stop name-calling
7 = Psychologist works with couple to analyze situation and understand the underlying issues
8 = Couple finds out what the real issues are
9 = Each person realizes there are things they don’t know or realize about each other; mood is calmer
10 = Each person apologizes to the other; one asks the other if love is still there; response is yes; couple leaves counseling office together; psychologist looks relieved

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