Deaf Adoption: Unwanted Medical Advice Story

Ron discusses dealing with a medical issue related to his son and some unwanted medical advice from the doctor.

Experience Related to the Medical Field

Ron: Hi and good afternoon, I’m Ron Symansky, a father of three adopted children through international adoptions. I’d like to share one of my experiences related to the medical field. My oldest son had a large purple/blue/green spot on the right side of his abdomen that looked like someone had slapped or hit him there, but he was actually born with it.

Mongolian Spot and Fear of Being Accused of Abuse

My wife and I were concerned that if someone at the Deaf school saw it, they might report it as abuse to social services. We decided to take our son, who was 3-years old at that time, to see a dermatologist at Children’s Hospital. We met with the doctor, with an interpreter. The doctor examined our son and identified the spot that looked like a bruise as a Mongolian spot, which is similar to a birthmark, which is often a smaller brown, tan or pink spot. When we asked how it could be treated, the doctor explained that it might be outgrown or it might remain permanently. We were satisfied with the explanation and made sure that the doctor documented the information in the records.

Unwanted Cochlear Implant Medical Advice by Doctor

Then, out of nowhere, the doctor told us that our son should get a cochlear implant. Remember, he was a dermatologist, specializing in the treatment of skin, nails, and hair issues. We were a bit taken aback and turned off that he was discussing ear/hearing issues, which was out of his area of expertise. He even had the nerve to tell me that I should get a CI. I looked at the interpreter and said that the doctor is a skin doctor, but the interpreter looked uncomfortable being in the middle of this discussion.

Medical Violation of the Hippocrates Oath

Looking back, I realize I should have reported this to the hospital, because the doctor was violating the Hippocrates Oath, which mandates that he practice within his area of specialization, which was dermatology. I was insulted that he decided he needed to fix me, an educated college professor with a master’s degree. He had some nerve to do that. I almost wish I had recommended that he get plastic surgery or Botox to fix his ugly face, but I refrained from saying anything.

Get a 2nd or 3rd Opinion if You Don’t Agree with Your Doctor

I want to let you know that doctors are not perfect. They are not God. If you don’t agree with a doctor’s opinion, get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. Do your research online to make sure you agree with the doctor’s decision, whether it’s related to dermatology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry or anything else. Make sure you pick the right doctor. None of them are perfect. I’m sharing this story so you can learn from my experience. Video description: Ron is sitting and signing his story.




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