Deaf AA Meetings App: An Idea Waiting to Happen


Deaf People Seeking Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: Whether you are a Deaf person who has been sober for many years or one who is struggling to take steps toward sobriety, you are probably more than aware that Deaf-friendly and accessible AA meetings are difficult to find. Many Deaf people rely on individual therapy sessions for regular support in dealing with addictions issues, but sometimes there is no substitute for the experience of gathering in an AA group. The power of connection and understanding can be important aspects of recovery.

We came across an app called “12 Step Meetings”, which enables users to locate nearby 12-step meetings. It lists the address, distance, and contact information, making it a handy tool for anyone seeking a 12-step meeting.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone made an app specifically for Deaf AA meetings? It could identify Deaf-run meetings and ASL-interpreted meetings. The app could even contain contact information in case advance notice about an interpreter request is needed. A great project for a Deaf app designer!

  1. david September 7, 2011

    looking for aa/na meetings for the deaf in north calf. sacramento or stockton area

  2. Chris donofrio September 14, 2011

    looking for a deaf community AA meating in ventura california please help i need to stop and cant whith what i have

  3. leslie September 16, 2011

    i have been searching for a meeting for deaf indivdiuals w drinking issues. it is so frustrating seeing there are none avail in westchester, ny….i want very much to connect with other deaf people who have ben sober. need support from those who understand deaf alcholism. help out pls…. either an AA meeting group for the deaf or with hearies and a terp.

  4. ASCDEAF September 16, 2011
  5. Darci Wynn September 27, 2011

    I am a clinical supervisor / counselor working in an outpatient drug and alcohol setting. I am looking for funds to buy my client a computer with a webcam so he can access (DEAF OFF DRUGS)meetings. I have contacted several community providers but am finding there are few services for the deaf in our community. He has insurance that covers the interpreter but no one provides interpreters for the 12 Step Meetings. For those who have a webcam you can access DODA meetings where the meetings are signed.

  6. Mitch S November 2, 2011

    Mitch S. I went to an ASL meeting in the valley coupla weeks ago. It was really good. Met some nice people. Been sober awhile. Am not deaf but have a friend who is. He is dying from his drug addiction. His heart is going out. He had a stroke and afraid to go to the Doctors because he is not clean. Is there a Deaf person out there who wants to start an AA meting in Ventura for the Deaf by the Deaf? I may be able to help with a meeting place and some literature. I live in Ventura, California. If so get at me; mitch s., po box 25, ventura,ca. 93002.

  7. virginia November 19, 2011

    Northern California listing of AA meetings with ASL interpreters
    August 21, 2011th
    Counties Day of Week Time Place Meeting Name
    1.Santa Clara Monday 6:30pm Grace BaptistChurchSigns of Sobriety
    (chips last Monday of month) 474 E. San Fernando St., at 11th St. San Jose
    2. Alameda & Contra CostaTuesday6:30pm Oakland Central Office Tuesday Night AA 295 27th St. (between Valdez St. & Harrison St.)Oakland Speaker – Discussion
    3.Sonoma Friday 5:30pm Signs of Sobriety 330 College Ave, 95401-5118 Santa Rosa Open / Wheelchair Access
    4.Contra Costa 1st Sat of every month 8:15pm Community Presbyterian Church Danville/Diablo Speaker meeting 222 E. El Pintado Danville B’day and Speaker meeting
    5.San Francisco Friday 6:00 PM Alano Club
    1748 Market, 7 blocks west of civic center BART Let it be now
    Request by Mondaywww.aasf.org/m ASL Request Form 1748 Market Street
    Suite 202social room. San Francisco Speaker discussion
    6.http://doda.nefsis.com/doda Secure conference meeting space on the internet.any where anytimeASL ONLY Meetings
    Monday, Wednesday Thursday,Saturday,Sunday,PST 2:00 PM,2:00 PM.4:00 PM.1:00 PM,3:00 PM,ASL-only
    Wed.5:00 Video Chat AA English for non ASL Deaf /hh
    7.Berkeley 2st,& 4rd,Monday 6 PM Northbrae Community Church Drunks R us 941 The Alameda Berkeley interp.& caption
    8.San Francisco Tuesday 6:15PM Women who drank too much 3557 20th St. btw. Mission/ Valencia Easy first floor access Book Study ASL& English,12 x 12/ Big Book

    • Toni C. January 4, 2017

      The meeting at 330 College Ave. in Santa Rosa has moved. There is a meeting called “Signs of Sobriety”
      in Santa Rosa, CA, Fridays at 5:30. An ASL interpreter is provided. It’s held in a church at the corner of Range
      and Steele.

  8. virginia November 19, 2011

    access if you have no computer at this location on most Saturdays:
    Sat 1:00 PM Mission Deaf Grateful 3673 20th St at Guerrero St American Sign Language ASL Web Cam Meeting Ring Bell
    occupy AA

  9. Tammy Davis August 27, 2012

    I am looking for a deaf AA and Al-Anon meeting near Milledgeville Ga or Macon Ga
    Any information will be helpful
    Thank you

  10. Yael September 3, 2012

    Hello Tammy,

    We have a meeting at the NABA Club, in NE Atlanta on Sundays. Please contact me at sobrietywithoutears@yahoo.com for more information. Also, there are online AA meetings using webcam and internet at https://doda.nefsis.com/. In addition, there are interpreted speaker meetings videotaped at http://www.soberfingers.com/. I hope to hear from you! yours in recovery, Yael

  11. Paula October 1, 2012

    Any meetings in sacramento. I have a deaf client

  12. Elizabeth Clauson December 10, 2012

    Im looking for a deaf AA meeting near Snellville, GA. Seems hard to find one since there is not many or poor services for the deaf in Georgia. Please help me. I have been sobered for 33 days today and would like to continue to stay sober. Thanks. Elizabeth

  13. Linda December 1, 2013

    Im deaf and have try look for deaf aa to discuss about 12 steps and 12 transitions it would be nice to have someone to help me and feedback and it is hard to find deaf sponsors as well i rahter to discuss over webcam via skype would be great i have been attend aa mtgs but no deaf to discuss with is there u can help or ideas to let me know i wd appprecated it very much thanks Linda

    • craig October 29, 2015

      Hope you are still sober and doing well
      I am male married thirty years sober and wear CI in one ear and profound deaf in other.
      late stage deafness so I don’t sign.
      If I can be of any help please email
      or I can text

      • Christopher Parent June 8, 2019

        Hi Leslie , my name is Chris p. Sober too Living in phx , az . I’d happy to chat and help you uh my text nbr is (602)752-8874 . Thank you .

  14. Shan February 9, 2014

    Are there any deaf AA meetings in Iowa? Or an AA meeting that has an interpreter?

  15. Debbie Myers moeller February 12, 2014

    i am hearing impaired. cannot sign. need meetings. help!

    • virginia February 7, 2017

      Wednesday Text Chat AA group
      Where: https://doda.omnijoin.com/
      Meeting code:EB0155 (0=Zero) you need this when logging in (with mobile device) to join existing meeting no password needed
      Meeting Language: Text Chat
      When: 8 pm EST= 7 pm CST, 6 PM MT, 5 PM PST)
      Every Wednesday
      Please wear dark shirt and have good light for low vision members
      How: Laptop or desk top (easy), tablets and smart phones (works) Mac and Pc, Iphone and Android expect first time you may need help with technology

  16. Yael Shaner February 12, 2014

    Hello Debbie, There are many people in recovery with hearing loss who don’t know how to sign, but who definitely DO need meetings. On Wed. night 8:00 pm EST on the DODA (Deaf Off Drugs and Alcohol) website there is an Wed AA Text Chat meeting for alcoholics with hearing loss, but anyone can attend. (This meeting is not affiliated with DODA.) We type our comments rather than speak them. This program also uses your computer’s camera (if you have one) which allows us to see each other. However, if you don’t have a camera, you can still join the meeting. (You would see us, we wouldn’t see you.)

    Here’s the site to join the meeting: https://doda.omnijoin.com/.

    No I.D. or password is required. You will see a schedule of meetings, click on the link that says: Wednesday 8:00 pm AA – Text Chat.

    Please email me at sobrietywithoutears@yahoo.com for more info.

    Hope you can join us tonight!

    • Alana December 9, 2017

      Is it for all over USA or specific area ?

  17. Eric February 15, 2014

    I’m in the Orange County,CA area and looking for ASL (AA/NA) meetings. The one in Huntington Beach either shut down or leader didn’t show up. I went twice no one there. I was wondering if there was any deaf/HOH in the city of Orange that would like to start our own AA meetings if so let me know! 714-865-880 text 24/7 Hearing are welcome but please use ASL. Thanks, Eric H.

  18. Eric February 15, 2014


  19. Robin February 23, 2014

    Does any one know if there is an Alonon for ASL in Orange County?

  20. virginia February 24, 2014


    You may find a small Al Anon group at DRC see above link.

    For bay area information
    click on the interpreter sign and look for ASL policy.
    Hope this helps

  21. ronda March 10, 2014

    Hi, I recently lost my hearing in my right ear. and I’ve been a member of AA since, July 27,1991. Sober. This is one of many challenges I’ve had, but I want to be prepared, not , impaired.
    So, I definently know what some of the challenges are as a hearing impaired person. Its made me think more, be gratful for the one ear,but….I want to learn sign language and how to read lips.
    i want to start learning now. also, if I ever have the chance to
    help someone else whos had similar challenges or more extensive….well, I want to be able to be helpful.
    I’m in the Toledo, Ohio area now. so, if anyone has any helpful suggestions, I’d be grateful.
    Many blessings, Ronda

    • craig October 29, 2015

      I too have been in AA for a good while. deaf in one ear with a CI and profound hearing loss in the other. Deaf late in life so never learned sign.
      Hearing is ok in perfect environment.
      If you would like to write or need support be glad to email or text
      sober 30 years.

  22. Bill Evans May 6, 2014

    Hello, I am a member of AA and I have been asked to find a meeting for a deaf man who is going to transition out of prison into society and he is asking for meetings in the Tulare County area of California. He is reaching out. Thank you for any help you can offer.

  23. Ed Powers May 26, 2014

    I am a member of AA and sober since 1981. I have been deaf in one ear for at least 20 years. 41 days ago I had surgery for a cochlear implant in the other ear. I have been completely deaf since the operation and will be for 2 more days, until the implant is activated. The experience has given me a deep empathy for deaf people in the Hearing World. I’m looking for ways to be of service to our deaf and hard of hearing members.
    Gloucester, MA

  24. virginia May 26, 2014

    Hi Ed P. You are welcome to join our text chat meeting “Wed text chat”
    you will find us at http://doda.omnijoin.com

  25. Yael Shaner May 26, 2014

    I am addressing this to two people, March 10, 2014/Ronda and Ed Powers on May 26th 2014. I am a member of AA and sober since 1980, by the grace of God. I’ve been deaf in one ear all of my life. I had hearing loss in the other ear, so I was able to hear voice frequencies (unless very high or low). Anyway, when I got sober I was able to hear at meetings, then in 2006, my hearing went out. I had earlier learned some sign language in the 1980’s, so I was able to utilize that. Plus I did a LOT of research on the internet looking for information about living with hearing loss. One of the most disturbing things about hearing loss is isolation; and as we know for alcoholics, that’s not a good thing. (Probably for anyone it’s not a good thing.) If you would care to contact me, I can direct you to some hearing loss organizations that I have found helpful. I have managed to stay active in AA, mostly because of sign language. I now have a CI, but it’s not perfect hearing and unless it’s a very small meet with good acoustics, I can’t hear well. Here’s my email address if you want more information: sobrietywithoutears@yahoo.com.

  26. GORDON SPATH August 8, 2015

    We hear ya
    In West Linn, OR at
    Celebrate Recovery we have an intepretor
    Jonesing to use her skills
    To help others
    many have also used dragonspeaking app
    to listen and read off theirs phones

    • Elizabeth Farrell September 11, 2016

      I live in Coos Bay and am encountering resistance around trying to bring my own portable sound system to meetings to enable me to hear (profound hearing loss). Do you have any ideas in handling this matter? I prefer going to meetings because I have connections with people and I need that instead of isolating. I live alone and have few “outside” connections.

    • Cindy Templin July 10, 2017

      Is there an ASL interpreter at the Celebrate Recovery in West Linn?

  27. Brittany May 31, 2016

    My name is Brittany, I’m hard of hearing. I’m alcoholic and addicts, I need find a meeting to get with another Deaf and hard of hearing . I live in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. I’m attending my local meetings but it’s really hard to read their lips some times, I still go anyways. I’ve been clean for 8 month then replased, now 90 days. And sober off alcohol for 6 months. I’d appreciate for your help! Thank you!

  28. Nancy August 9, 2016

    URGENT: I have a 37 year old daughter who is hearing impaired at Willough in Naples rehab
    she will need a AA meeting in Naples Florida with someone who signs or an interpreter.

    PLease she will be out on the15th of Aug

  29. willie October 21, 2016

    Just recently move to Fort Collins, Co…..sure need myself go to a.a. meetings where there’s ASL interpreter for deaf…can be anywhere all along I-25 from Fort Collins to Denver ….any help from fellowships would be great…thank you fellowships

  30. virginia February 7, 2017

    Deaf speak at AA technology conference:
    Password needed (aa)
    A man in San Jose Ca can help with the app
    Name Josh
    Go to AA meetings online ASL on lap top. iPhone, android phone or IPad

  31. Tim April 12, 2017

    Hello my name I Tim and I am Deaf. I am and have addictive personality for almost all of my life. I was AA but not anymore. I’m addicted to Narcotic specifically pain pills. Now I am on Suboxone but I want to stop all at once. It is hard. I live in El Paso TX and deaf community support sucks here! I wish there is one where we all communicate in sign language rather than attend hearing with interpreter. It sucks and it is not the same because u don’t get emotionally involved with hearing and interpreter as u would with Deaf only. Understand!?

    • chris p December 14, 2018

      wait min tim i have been thur without interpreter for years and with interpreter is so awesome i learn faster similiar as the big book of aa (big book) and i got a sponosor i keep attending mtgs 4 to 6 mtgs a week still sober no one out there who is sober and use sign lanuage like u and i am deaf also been very patient that is the key to be patient u will success .

  32. Donna October 18, 2017

    Any AA meetings for deaf/hard of hearing in northern Bergen County, NJ?

  33. Bruce M March 31, 2018

    Hi, I am Bruce (not real name),
    I am an alcoholics, I read comments above here… I would like to help others to continue our sobriety and I use ASL to communicate through videophone.
    I felt that by doing via VP would benefit to us to continue our soberity.
    VP# 503-967-2991

  34. Linda June 26, 2018

    Are there any meetings for the dear & Hearing Impaired in Rochester NY or the surrounding area? Thank you so much!

  35. Ann Gibson September 9, 2018

    needed an interpreter in my area, riverside county, city of corona. would prefer hearing aa mtgs instead deaf/hoh meeting. please help… have searched, googled, nothing’s helping yet…. thank u.


  36. chris p December 14, 2018

    i am so extremely proud of who ever did to set up this website . please keep it that way because i have see alot of deaf people who is very frustrated to live by with the rules to start on their own like me. need some feedback text me 6027528874

  37. henry brennan September 22, 2019

    Hello my name is Henry, and Im 30. I’d like to find other Deaf people who are like me and want to stop drinking. <3 Im from Denver, Colorado and open to starting a online Deaf support group if you all are interested.


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