Deaf AA Meetings App: An Idea Waiting to Happen


Deaf People Seeking Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: Whether you are a Deaf person who has been sober for many years or one who is struggling to take steps toward sobriety, you are probably more than aware that Deaf-friendly and accessible AA meetings are difficult to find. Many Deaf people rely on individual therapy sessions for regular support in dealing with addictions issues, but sometimes there is no substitute for the experience of gathering in an AA group. The power of connection and understanding can be important aspects of recovery.

We came across an app called “12 Step Meetings”, which enables users to locate nearby 12-step meetings. It lists the address, distance, and contact information, making it a handy tool for anyone seeking a 12-step meeting.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone made an app specifically for Deaf AA meetings? It could identify Deaf-run meetings and ASL-interpreted meetings. The app could even contain contact information in case advance notice about an interpreter request is needed. A great project for a Deaf app designer!

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