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pc_bestof.gifWe are Proud to Announce: Our ASC website has been voted a top rated mental health resource by Psych Central viewers. Since setting up our website over one year ago, we have heard from Deaf and hearing folks from all over the world. Many people ask us for referrals to psychotherapists in their areas. Others who are interested in working in the mental health field seek advice on where to study for their degrees, or if they are hearing, how to improve their ASL skills. ASC is unique not only because we are a deaf-owned and operated private practice, but we also offer videophone and life coaching sessions. Our ASC on the Couch blogsite is our most recent project. We have enjoyed connecting with all kinds of people through the ASC website and blogsite. We look forward to continuing to make both helpful resources for our Deaf community. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

  1. Dela July 12, 2006


  2. maura leach July 13, 2006

    I really enjoy reading all the Couch articles, its so informative and gets you to think about issues Hooray for you guys getting this recognition, smiles ! hands waves

  3. Tom July 13, 2006

    Well deserved! Congratulations

  4. Brenda Barnes July 13, 2006

    You guys are awsome and I know that there will be many successes ahead. Take Care!


  5. Jean Boutcher July 14, 2006

    Congratulations, Candace and Sharon! This is a unique blog
    in that it discusses ideas and concepts that entertain a
    mind. Very constructive! I continue looking forward to
    reading more produtive blogs.

    Best regards,
    Jean Boutcher


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