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  1. Jalimah Wesson December 14, 2016

    Hi my name is Jalimah Wesson i’m full deaf and Sign Language. Im from Texas. So I ask you can we disscue about the parther relationship – family but I have a boyfriend his name Chuckeey Clark full deaf and Full ASl and English mix sign language. from Indianap states in Hammond And We help for marry how to agruse and explain to clear better in court deaf marriage. We want met here for DEAF CHURCH MARRIAGE FROM INDIANA OR TEXAS OR OTHER STATES WE HELPED PLEASE I’M 24 AND HIM 26 1/2 YEAR AGO TOGETHER LONG BUT WE FIGHT ABOUT THE TRUTH AND EXPRESSION THAT BEING CARE OF US BUT I LOVE HIM. HE LOVE ME TOO, AND WE FELT BAD MOOD BECAUSE THEY BEG OF MONEY FOR ME AND HIM HATER A PROBLEM WE UNKNOW CAN’T HELP BEEN LOOKING FOR JOB HERE I NOT WANT TEXAS BUT I WANT HIM MET LIVE WITH US MOVING OUT OF A STATES I NEED TO USA TRAVLING LOOKIN HARD FOR MY LIFE. I KNOW I LOVE MY FAMILY, HIS FAMILY LOVE TOO. BUT I NEED HELP AND HIM WILL DISSCUS FOR A MARRIED PLEASE. I WANT TO KNOW YEAR THIS 2019? WE ARE DISSPRESSION NOW.


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