Anti-cyberbullying Letter to Purple

Original letter sent on May 17, 2010

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cc: Patti Durr

Dear Purple,

We are writing with three requests. We ask that Purple:

1. Withdraw financial sponsorship from DeafRead/DeafVIDEO.TV (DVTV)
2. Remove the Purple logo/banner from both of these websites
3. Close the Purple Communications b/vlog accounts at DeafRead/DVTV

We ask you to do so because DeafRead/DVTV editors:

1. Direct online traffic to b/vlogsites where children are attacked or used as pawns to get back at adults
2. Publish links to b/vlogs that make threats to people’s employment
3. Refuse to take corrective action by removing certain links after their inappropriate content is brought to their attention, even when they DO have the ability to remove these links

Purple should take notice of the fact that people have been raising concerns about DeafRead/DVTV’s passive participation in cyber-bullying for the past three years.

We cannot imagine that Purple, a well-known VRS company, condones any of the above-mentioned practices. As a sponsor, Purple has a responsibility to educate itself about how DeafRead/DVTV operates and determine the ramifications of its continued association with DeafRead/DVTV.

Will Purple stand behind DeafRead/DVTV’s destructive online practices? Or will Purple do the right thing and make it clear to DeafRead/DVTV that it does not endorse cyber-bullying?

We trust you will do the right thing. Thank you.


Candace A. McCullough, PhD
Sharon M. Duchesneau, LCPC

Alternative Solutions Center (ASC)

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