All Homework and No Play

Boy Underneath BookIs Homework Worth It?: According to an article in the Washington Post, one of the nation’s leading researchers on homework has once again concluded that homework does not offer as many benefits as people seem to think it does. The homework that is most helpful is reading. Many students, unfortunately, bring home overloaded backpacks each afternoon. Schools are pressured to give homework because of state policies. Many people mistakenly believe that lots of homework will make students smarter and teach them self-discipline. The research, however, suggests the following limits on homework:

Elementary school: only short homework assignments on basic skills
Middle school: less than 1 hour per night
High school: less than 2 hours per night

The Importance of Play: While homework can be useful up to a certain point, children also need time for physical and recreational activities, hobbies, and unstructured leisure time. All of these play an important part in healthy emotional development. When children are so busy and overscheduled that they don’t have time to be bored or experience moments of spontaneity, they lose out on opportunities to grow to their full potential.

Question about Your Homework Experience: We would love to know what your and your children’s experiences with homework have been like. How many hours per night? Do you feel it is too much or too little? Please note whether you or your children are Deaf or hearing and whether the school is a Deaf one or a public one. Look forward to hearing from you!

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