How is Psychotherapy Different from Talking with Friends and Family?

Vlog Summary: Many people wonder what psychotherapists can offer them that their closest friends and family members cannot. There are many times when a good heart-to-heart talk with a friend can do wonders for cheering up one’s mood and can even bring a new perspective to a problem. You are truly lucky if you have people in your life with …

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Deaf People’s Knowledge and Views Related to Mental Health

What Do These Numbers Mean?: Here’s an interesting data table from a research study on Deaf mental health consumers done back in 1998. One author is Deaf, the other two are hearing – it’s great they have one Deaf author/researcher on board! Even though the table is shown below out of context of the original article and without demographic data …

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The Facts about Bipolar Disorder

Vlog Summary: Bipolar disorder is a term that is once again receiving a great deal of attention on television, in newspapers, and even in the Deaf community. Britney Spears’ behaviors of late, for example, have spurred rumors that she might have bipolar disorder. Although ASC does not endorse psychiatric labels, we do think it is important to clarify some misconceptions …

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Understanding Panic Attacks

Vlog Summary: Candace A. McCullough explains the basics of panic attacks. Panic attacks can be very frightening experiences, with symptoms that may include some, but not necessarily all, of the following: a racing heartbeat, difficulty breathing, sweating, feeling crazy or like you are about to die, feeling like you are choking, numbness, feeling paralyzed or unable to move, or feeling …

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We Don’t Need Group Punishment

Vlog Summary: Group punishment is still happening in some Deaf schools, in classrooms and on sports teams, even though research shows it is ineffective. Sharon Duchesneau explains how group punishment hurts those children who were not involved in inappropriate behaviors. Instead of adults expecting children to “discipline” their peers through disapproval, it is more appropriate for effective consequences to be …

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Victim No More

Vlog Summary: Candace A. McCullough shares her perspective on the debate over which ASL sign to use for the word “victim”. A close look at the meaning of the English word “victim” reveals that it is already a word loaded with negative implications. The word is viewed as problematic by many professionals in the helping field. If we look to …

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When Worrying is Too Much: Spring 2007 ASC Newsletter

Anxiety Gone Overboard: The Spring 2007 ASC Newsletter is available now. Check it out to learn how to tell the difference between normal worrying and worrying that has gone over the line. Find out about some Deaf people’s specific worries. Read about the different kinds of anxiety disorders, including social phobia, compulsive shopping, and obssessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). As always, ASC …

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The Secret: Self-help Snake Oil

Vlog Summary: Candace A. McCullough reveals how “The Secret” is a modern-day version of snake oil. The vlog discusses the history of snake oil remedies and phrenology, both of which represent forms of pseudo-science. Based purely on claims, without scientific evidence, snake oils explode in popularity through hype and aggressive marketing. According to the law of attraction, the underlying theme …

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Psychological Implications of the Death Penalty

Daphne Wright Trial: The recent Daphne Wright trial has brought the issue of the death penalty to the forefront of the Deaf community, igniting many debates both in favor of, and against, the appropriateness of this particular form of punishment. Without going into discussion of whether or not the Wright trial itself was a fair one, considering that Wright, a …

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Media Psychology: Bob’s SLCC Vlog

Gallaudet University Public Relations Analyzed: Sharon Duchesneau takes a look at media psychology techniques at work in the most recent Bob’s Vlog production. Using a savvy and sophisticated public relations tool, Gallaudet University President Davila and his team discuss the now-under-construction SLCC building that has been the target of much concern among the Deaf v/blogging community. By understanding basic media …

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