Fighting the Good Fight: Lawsuit Filed Against Insurance Company for Denying Accessible Services to Deaf Citizens

Suing for Equity in Services: Early last month in Florida, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc., together with the National Association of the Deaf, filed a lawsuit seeking accessible medical services for Deaf citizens in the state. The lawsuit charges Humana Insurance and the Florida Department of Financial Services with violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the …

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Letter in Opposition to California AB 2072

Original letter sent May 27, 2010 Mia Orr, Consultant Senate Health Committee State Capitol, Room 2191 Sacramento, CA 95814 Dear Honorable Senate Health Committee Members: Alternative Solutions Center, a Deaf-owned and operated private psychotherapy practice, OPPOSES Assembly Bill 2072 (AB 2072). AB 2072 hurts Deaf children and adults by ignoring all the research and testimonials that show just how critical …

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Anti-cyberbullying Letter to Purple

Original letter sent on May 17, 2010 To: ronald.obray@purple.us, mark.bella@purple.us, dan.luis@purple.us, brent.jolley@purple.us, anthony.batte@purple.us, rebecca.adkins@purple.us cc: Patti Durr Dear Purple, We are writing with three requests. We ask that Purple: 1. Withdraw financial sponsorship from DeafRead/DeafVIDEO.TV (DVTV) 2. Remove the Purple logo/banner from both of these websites 3. Close the Purple Communications b/vlog accounts at DeafRead/DVTV We ask you to do …

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Oregon Lacks Mental Health Resources

Most people don’t receive adequate treatment because of poor interpretation services Raymond Rendleman The Lund Report March 31, 2010 — Deaf advocates are raising awareness about the lack of specialized mental health services for their marginalized community. Although there’s no formal program available to deaf persons in Oregon, there are two licensed therapists who are deaf themselves – a psychologist, …

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ASL in Academia

ASL = English: ASC is pleased to see the trend of more Deaf professionals taking advantage of the internet and technology to formally present their ideas and research in ASL. Traditionally, even in environments proclaiming bilingualism, there has been a longstanding, often unspoken, message that English still reigns superior to ASL. Compare how readily academic articles published in English receive …

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No Cut Policy for Sports in Deaf Schools

Part One Part Two Vlog Summary: New research findings related to sports psychology and child development have resulted in more progressive-thinking schools adopting no-cut policies when it comes to their athletic programs. Deaf schools, with their unique responsibility of providing academic and athletic education opportunities to Deaf students, should follow suit and allow all interested students to participate in their …

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