File an ADA Complaints Online

The Department of Justice is pleased to announce that, as of today, individuals wishing to file ADA complaints with the Department will be able to fill out the form and submit it completely electronically. Filers will also immediately receive a “reference number” that can be used whenever contacting the Department about that complaint. Please visit http://www.ada.gov/complaint/ to view the new …

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You Are Worth It: National Suicide Prevention Week

You Are Worth It: A warm thank you to Alison Aubrecht of Facundo Element for taking the time to make the video below in honor of National Suicide Prevention Week. Alison is a licensed counselor in Michigan. The video recognizes the significant impact of audism and oppression on the mental health and well-being of Deaf people. Our counselors at ASC …

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ASL in Academia

ASL = English: ASC is pleased to see the trend of more Deaf professionals taking advantage of the internet and technology to formally present their ideas and research in ASL. Traditionally, even in environments proclaiming bilingualism, there has been a longstanding, often unspoken, message that English still reigns superior to ASL. Compare how readily academic articles published in English receive …

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A Letter from a Deaf Lawyer for Non-LPC Deaf Counselors

As many of you already know, Deaf counselors are few and far between. The reason for this, in part, may be due to the fact that the national licensure exam for counselors is largely English-centric. Below, we are reprinting a letter from a Deaf lawyer, who is working to rectify the situation, and hopefully, enable more Deaf counselors to obtain …

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Deficit Thinker vs. Deficit Thinking

Vlog Summary: The past week has seen a heated debate over the issue of deficit thinking, with many vlogs and blogs contributing to a healthy and thought-provoking discussion. A small, but intriguing, aspect of the discussion raises the question of what the difference is between “deficit thinker” and “deficit thinking”? As Candace A. McCullough explains, “deficit thinker” labels the whole …

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Hearing Researchers: Why Do They Study Deaf People?

Vlog Summary: Opening a dialogue in the Deaf community, Candace A. McCullough brings up several complex issues related to hearing researchers studying Deaf people (9:31 minutes). Whenever a member of a majority group studies a minority group, it is essential that social, cultural, and political issues are considered. Unfortunately, a number of hearing researchers’ motivation for studying Deaf people comes …

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The Secret: Self-help Snake Oil

Vlog Summary: Candace A. McCullough reveals how “The Secret” is a modern-day version of snake oil. The vlog discusses the history of snake oil remedies and phrenology, both of which represent forms of pseudo-science. Based purely on claims, without scientific evidence, snake oils explode in popularity through hype and aggressive marketing. According to the law of attraction, the underlying theme …

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Media Psychology: Bob’s SLCC Vlog

Gallaudet University Public Relations Analyzed: Sharon Duchesneau takes a look at media psychology techniques at work in the most recent Bob’s Vlog production. Using a savvy and sophisticated public relations tool, Gallaudet University President Davila and his team discuss the now-under-construction SLCC building that has been the target of much concern among the Deaf v/blogging community. By understanding basic media …

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Hiding Behind the Mask of Professionalism

An Open Letter from Alternative Solutions Center (ASC) Hiding Behind the Mask of Professionalism October 12, 2006 Dear Colleagues in the Mental Health Field: Like many people in the Deaf community, the Gallaudet University protest weighs heavily in our hearts today, as we are sure it does in yours, whether or not you have taken a public stand. As Deaf-centered …

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