Suzanne Dennis, LSCSW

Ms. Dennis is a Deaf clinical social worker licensed in Kansas and Missouri. She obtained her BA in Criminology from Gallaudet University and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. After nearly two decades as a clinician at a community mental health center in Kansas, Ms Dennis moved to the private sector to continue her counseling work. Ms. Dennis has training in treatment for sex offenders, forensic, and domestic violence issues and overall general counseling in mental health. She has sat on numerous local and national level boards, advisory committees and task forces geared toward services for the Deaf community. She is President of the National Counselors for the Deaf Association and serves on the National Association of the Deaf Mental Health Committee. Ms. Dennis continues to be involved with a variety of projects that focuses on striving for better services for Deaf citizens in her state and nationwide.


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