Dan Langholtz, LCSW

Daniel Langholtz is a Deaf Licensed Clinical Social Worker, based in California.  He first obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from NTID/RID & later got Master’s degree in Social Work from New York University.  He first worked in Cincinnati for 5 years & then served 31 years at UCSF Center on Deafness in San Francisco.  He was the Executive Director when he retired from the agency in 2012.

He has delivered contractual services at multiple rural school sites, providing counseling and therapy services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from pre-kindergarten through high schools.  He has served as a national consultant in the fields of mental health, interpreting, HIV/AIDS, accessibility, and relationships between Deaf and non-deaf people. He  is a Certified Deaf Interpreter and CLIP-R. He is also a member of National Association of Social Work


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