Communication Abuse and Deaf People

Vlog Summary: Struck by a Norwegian professional’s use of the description “bordering on child abuse” to describe denying children access to electronic media, Sharon Duchesneau asks why the term “child abuse” is not widely used when referring to communication injustices that many Deaf children face. Something is wrong with the picture when the seriousness of these situations is downplayed. Here …

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Victim No More

Vlog Summary: Candace A. McCullough shares her perspective on the debate over which ASL sign to use for the word “victim”. A close look at the meaning of the English word “victim” reveals that it is already a word loaded with negative implications. The word is viewed as problematic by many professionals in the helping field. If we look to …

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Deaf Adults Raising Cyber-Savvy Children

Vlog Summary: In response to readers’ requests for ASC to address cyberbullying, Sharon Duchesneau emphasizes the crucial need for Deaf parents and educators to take an active role in teaching children how to use the internet safely and wisely. With early intervention, children can develop their critical thinking abilities and skills in handling cyberbullies, tools that will serve them well …

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The Secret: Self-help Snake Oil

Vlog Summary: Candace A. McCullough reveals how “The Secret” is a modern-day version of snake oil. The vlog discusses the history of snake oil remedies and phrenology, both of which represent forms of pseudo-science. Based purely on claims, without scientific evidence, snake oils explode in popularity through hype and aggressive marketing. According to the law of attraction, the underlying theme …

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Review of “Till Domestic Violence Does Us Part”

One of a Kind: It’s not very often that a Deaf-friendly film comes along, written, directed, produced, and acted entirely by Deaf people. A creation from Julie Rems-Smario of DeafHope and Wayne Betts and Chad Taylor of Mosdeux, “Till Domestic Violence Does Us Part” is one such film, a smart and captivating portrayal of domestic violence. Told in ASL and …

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Media Psychology: Bob’s SLCC Vlog

Gallaudet University Public Relations Analyzed: Sharon Duchesneau takes a look at media psychology techniques at work in the most recent Bob’s Vlog production. Using a savvy and sophisticated public relations tool, Gallaudet University President Davila and his team discuss the now-under-construction SLCC building that has been the target of much concern among the Deaf v/blogging community. By understanding basic media …

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Family Therapy: Deaf or Hearing Professional?

ASC Vlog: Candace McCullough discusses the empowering message reflected in the choice of a Deaf psychotherapist for a hearing family with a Deaf child. As always, ASC looks forward to knowing your perspective on this issue. To cite: McCullough, C. (2007, January 9). Family Therapy: Deaf or Heating Professional. ASC on the Couch. Retrieved January 9, 2007, from http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=277

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