When Narcissists Use Children

English transcript: From time to time, in the Deaf community, I have noticed some Deaf adults using children to settle scores or to take revenge against people. This is very distressing and a cause for concern. It is important to take a look at the issue of using children. The concept of using children actually encompasses a wide spectrum of …

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No Cut Policy for Sports in Deaf Schools

Part One Part Two Vlog Summary: New research findings related to sports psychology and child development have resulted in more progressive-thinking schools adopting no-cut policies when it comes to their athletic programs. Deaf schools, with their unique responsibility of providing academic and athletic education opportunities to Deaf students, should follow suit and allow all interested students to participate in their …

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In with Family, Out with Steps, Halves, & Adoptees

Vlog Summary: The holidays often mean families, and the words we use to describe our family relationships say a lot. Some families make a point of distinguishing between their biological children and their adopted children or their foster children. Even sisters and brothers may emphasize that so-and-so is a full sibling, while another family member is a half sibling. Sharon …

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We Don’t Need Group Punishment

Vlog Summary: Group punishment is still happening in some Deaf schools, in classrooms and on sports teams, even though research shows it is ineffective. Sharon Duchesneau explains how group punishment hurts those children who were not involved in inappropriate behaviors. Instead of adults expecting children to “discipline” their peers through disapproval, it is more appropriate for effective consequences to be …

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Communication Abuse and Deaf People

Vlog Summary: Struck by a Norwegian professional’s use of the description “bordering on child abuse” to describe denying children access to electronic media, Sharon Duchesneau asks why the term “child abuse” is not widely used when referring to communication injustices that many Deaf children face. Something is wrong with the picture when the seriousness of these situations is downplayed. Here …

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Deaf Adults Raising Cyber-Savvy Children

Vlog Summary: In response to readers’ requests for ASC to address cyberbullying, Sharon Duchesneau emphasizes the crucial need for Deaf parents and educators to take an active role in teaching children how to use the internet safely and wisely. With early intervention, children can develop their critical thinking abilities and skills in handling cyberbullies, tools that will serve them well …

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Family Therapy: Deaf or Hearing Professional?

ASC Vlog: Candace McCullough discusses the empowering message reflected in the choice of a Deaf psychotherapist for a hearing family with a Deaf child. As always, ASC looks forward to knowing your perspective on this issue. To cite: McCullough, C. (2007, January 9). Family Therapy: Deaf or Heating Professional. ASC on the Couch. Retrieved January 9, 2007, from http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=277

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The Cool Factor: Parents of Deaf Teens and Alcohol

Deaf Teens and Alcohol: What Every Parent Needs to Know! TONIGHT Wednesday, December 6, 2006 Maryland School for the Deaf Frederick Campus Ely Building – Seminar room 7 – 9 pm Presenters: Laura Dreany, DASAM and Corporal Tom Johann, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Contact: Cheri Dowling or Pat Timm for registration and more information cad800@aol.com What’s a Parent to Do?: …

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