These are reviews for our national Deaf providers  that work with Deaf Counseling Center. If you would like to review  your counselors, social workers, therapists and psychologists, please send your review to us.

  • We are busy parents who wanted to work on our marriage but couldn’t afford to pay babysitters to go Deaf therapy. We tried videophone appointments. They worked out well and we could see our counselor while our toddler and baby napped. -Testimonial for Deaf Counseling Center written by M.D.
  • My previous counselor pressured me to take medicine for depression and ignored my wish to deal with it naturally. Deaf Counseling Center was very respectful and supportive. My empath counselor gave me tips on how to take care of myself without medicine. I feel 100 times better today! -Testimonial for Deaf Counseling Center written by S.S.
  • I live in South Dakota where there are no signing counselors in my town. You are a lifesaver for my marriage! I never dreamed that I would be able to have counseling in this remote area. So glad I found you online. -Testimonial for Deaf Counseling Center written by T.A.
  • As a hearing parent, I am very grateful that your center was able to offer face-to-face videophone counseling for my daughter. She was hesitant at first, but after just one virtualempath meeting with her counselor she said she felt like she was right there in the office. -Testimonial for Deaf Counseling Center written by P.M.
  • It was a big relief to find a Deaf counselor to work with. Someone who understood me and who I could have an easy conversation with, without worrying about an interpreter. -Testimonial for Deaf Counseling Center written by C.R
  • Beyond satisfaction. Most experienced team I ever met. I decided to switch to a different therapist under the same agency. They made it so easy. The switch was not because I wasn’t satisfied with the original therapist, but I wanted a male perspective. The national Deaf team works together well and I received the best treatment. I am grateful for Deaf Counseling Center.  -Testimonial for Deaf Counseling Center written by Gene Atwood.
  • I am a social worker in NJ and I refer many clients to DCC for distance counseling. Clients always come back and thank me. They report 100% satisfaction. -Testimonal for Deaf Counseing Center written by T.L.
  • From the bottom of heart, Deaf Counseling Center is a blessing! The premise of Deaf Counseling Center is loaded with greatest knowledge in mental health. DCC set the purpose is to reclaim your life in healthy space. A new lease on your life if you want to seek, then it is the right place! -Testimonal for Deaf Counseling Center written by J.T.
  • Awesome and professional therapists. -Testimonal for Deaf Counseling Center written by Rita Vaca.
  • Awesome! Good counseling to help deaf people for therapy. – Testimonal for Deaf Counseling Center written by Debbie Montgomery.
  • I want to share with you about this Deaf Counseling Center’s weekly Zoom support group led by a wonderful licensed Deaf counselor, Sheli Barber. To be honest with you, I dislike group counseling BUT with this, my first in a long time (last time I did was 15 years ago), – this group definitely will benefit me and everyone who needs this during this crisis. Since I have been isolate for almost three months which increases my anxiety, fear, depression, not sure what to do, hard to self-care when alone inside my own apt. With this group that I join is a BLESS! and worth it because we all can help to learn coping skills from each other. I strongly encourage anyone who needs this to participate. Trust me on that, it’s WORTH!!. Please reach out to Deaf Counseling Center Candace A. McCullough, Sharon Duchesneau, Sheli Barber, and discuss with one of them. Take care and Stay Safe with love and hugs to you all! ❤ – Testimonal for Deaf Counseling Center written by Sallie Mae Pauley.

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