Jan S. Delap, CDI

Ms. DeLap is a certified Deaf interpreter in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, specializing in legal interpreting. For over 15 years she has interpreted in a variety of legal settings, including hearings and trials in the DC Superior Court and other states, as well as depositions and pre-trial hearings in attorney offices. Ms. DeLap began her legal interpreter training in 1994 at a three-week intensive seminar at Advancement Seminars Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was a member of the Maryland Judicial Task Force in 1995 and served as a member the Maryland Administrative Office of the Court Advisory Committee on Interpreters. Ms. DeLap was also one of three co-coordinators of interpreters for Deaf Way II, where she was responsible for ensuring accessible communication for over 9,000 Deaf and hearing participants from all over the world.

A well-renowned speaker, Ms. DeLap has taught interpreting around the country with Risa Shaw, including “A Workshop for Federal Court Interpreters” (Albuquerque, New Mexico), “Putting Theory into Practice: Mock Deposition” (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), “An Overview of Interpreting in Legal Settings” (Bridgeport, Connecticut), and “Interpreting in Law Enforcement Settings” (Concord, New Hampshire). She is also well-known locally for her presentations on Deaf Culture to medical professionals and police officers.

Ms. DeLap has been active in the fields of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture since the early 1970’s, when she taught American Sign Language for the National Association of the Deaf. She taught courses at The Bicultural Center in Riverdale, Maryland, and at numerous federal government agencies. Ms. DeLap worked at The Washington Post for 27 years as a typographer and assistant foreman before retiring in March 2001.

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